Spring Focus Goals

May 16, 2010

We are growing as a Spring Focus group, and that’s great!

There are now over 20 of us, and we’re committed to staying focused until July 4th (and beyond, of course). You’re welcome to join – we’ve had people joining every day so don’t feel like you missed out – just leave a comment here.

My own Spring Focus Goals

1) Get in shape to go hiking this summer

We are going to Alaska & I want to be able to happily hike in the Yukon wilderness.  I feel really out of shape right now, so my number one goal is to remedy that.

2) Be back on track with healthy living to stay the course during vacation

I was recently in the US for 3 weeks & went completely crazy & gained quite a bit.  I don’t want to do that again with the vacation this summer.  So the good habits have to be super-solid & I’ll need a realistic plan to manage our summer vacation.

3) Get the weight loss going again

I’m always a slow loser (and a quick gainer) and I emphatically don’t believe in time-based weight goals for myself.  I do, however, believe in setting lots of small goals & celebrating each and every pound.  My next milestone is 189 (out of the 190s) and then it will be 183.  I’m pretty sure I’ll make the first goal during the time of Spring Focus, and hope to get a good distance towards the second as well.

Spring Focus Goals from the group

I’m trying to summarize the goals here & link to a post that talks about them.  If I missed yours (it’s possible!) please let me know in the comments & I’ll fix it.

  • Karen@WaistingTime is Focusing on Not overeating in the evenings
  • Audri@FlipFlopMama has a goal Goal within 1400 calories a day unless she gets in more than an hour workout, plus she plans to get below 175
  • Iniya@SongoftheRoad has a great list of goals for the first 3 weeks – water, sleep, dairy, carb, planned meals, working out, de-stressing & blogging daily!  Wow!
  • DietBuddyDaily has a lot of great goals too – planning, tracking, exercising, blogging & not overdoing it with weekends & wine!
  • Siobhan@MyLiveLoveLaughLife wants to lose 5 pounds
  • Deanna@Cleaner,Meaner&Greener wants lose 10 lbs, eat out less, drink more water
  • Anna@AdiosFatPants has just completed a marathon(!) and now is focusing on moving back to regular exercise routine and controlling her sugar intake
  • Billie@FatAsMud’s goals are to establish an exercise habit and reach 193 lbs
  • Brandie@It’sAllUpToMe is working on eating ONLY for hunger, and also plans to lose some weight
  • Vladdie@IShallNotWant is focusing on getting more exercise, and hopes to reach 240
  • Maryann@TheFinalCountdown is focused on not eating after dinner, and on not letting 1 bad decision snow ball into a bad weekend, as well as running at least 5 times a week
  • Tish@IncrementalImprovements is working on losing 12 pounds during the Spring Focus period
  • lackielack@ShowMeTheArmy! has set her sights on drinking water, hitting the trail & using her points
  • Tiffany@MarathonMom has a goal to stick to her 100% Raw Vegan Diet

As you can see, a number of people are currently missing, but hopefully you’ll comment to let us know (and then I’ll edit it in)

My Spring Focus Update

1) Eat healthy : on target, and feels like settling in.  Even adapted (downsized) dinner because I realized I wasn’t very hungry after a big lunch.  My husband & stepson were thrilled because they made pasta (which I never make for dinner) while I had something else.

2) Water : ok

3) Daily weigh in : 193

Extra : walking to several errands around town – it was a beautiful day & it was a real pleasure


Spring Focus Announcements :

As mentioned above, it’s not to late for you to join (someone else joined yesterday) – just comment here.

Weight tracking will be collected on tomorrow via a form which I will email you.  I had hoped to post a link but it wants to embed it, so I’ll have to email the form instead.  Disclaimer : This is an experiment so if it doesn’t work we’ll figure out something else.

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