Spring Focus Group Check In – Week 5 of 8

June 16, 2010

So another week done – only 3 left to go in Spring Focus.

I’ve been trying to catch up with the posts.  The whole group is 24 people, although there are some who have kind of dropped out (and one who officially did).

I think we’re kind of in two camps : Group One : On Track Success

Those who are glad to be on track right now & are going into the summer with good habits now in place but no dramatic losses (I’m in this group, and it’s frankly the personal outcome I was hoping for)

Siobhan is like me – playing with the same pounds (actually the SAME pounds, we’re both struggling to get out of the 190s right now) but is making some great progress in hiking.

I think we’re kind of in two camps : Group Two : Phenomenal Success

And there are those who used Spring Focus to buckle down & get some serious movement going on the scale.

There are actually several great stories in this group (always more dramatic than the real life keep on keeping on of those of us in Group 1)

Audri’s weekly weigh in post was amazing.  She reported zero loss for the week but look at what she’s doing – wearing pants she hasn’t worn in years, zipping up size 16s, getting below a milestone number that’s been taunting her for a long, long time.

Emma has been making great progress on all of her goals. I’m most impressed with her running 3 miles (her goal was 2!)

Did you know that some people are really  making great progress?

There are three people who’ve lost over 10 pounds (one of those is actually over 18!) and several in the 6-9 pound range too.

There are those of us who are really on-track again & making progress despite challenges & life’s ups & downs & even though the scale isn’t showing too much momentum really feel we’re on a roll (ok, I confess, this applies to me, but there are others who this applies too as well!)

Another good week for the group

85% are making some or substantial progress on their goals

Weekly weight loss reported was almost 17 pounds, but we’re missing several people’s report-ins who have been consistent losers and they also affect the group total weight loss to date (currently at 82 pounds, which is only one more pound than last week, largely because we have fewer people reporting in).  Next week I’ll calculate an average per report-in or something 😉 .

How are you feeling about Spring Focus?

In the next week or so I’ll make a quick survey to capture how people feel about it, what they’d like to see in future Focus editions, and test your appetite for future Focus endeavors.  Of course, you can also leave thoughts in the comments.

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