Spring Focus Group Success

May 19, 2010

A Very Good Start

Wow, the Spring Focus group success was better than I’d expected, better even than I’d hoped for. It was good for me (I actually had a full week on plan!) but it was good for almost everyone who signed up too!

Beyond Weight Loss

Our Spring Focus group checked in on Monday with how they did on their weight loss journeys last week. And we checked in on just on pounds lost, but also on the underlying behaviors that we all struggle with.

Behavioral Changes for weight loss & control

We all know that certain behaviors help us lose weight, others don’t.  Most of us have been working on our weight for a long time, so most of us know what we’re “supposed to” do.  The challenge for most of us isn’t in learning what the behaviors are – the challenge lies in actually implementing those healthy behaviors.  Add a few healthy behaviors together and we should see weight control, add a few more healthy behaviors, and we should see weight loss.

So one of the things people (including myself) are doing during Spring Focus is setting specific behavioral goals.  Either for the whole period (May 4th – July 4th) or a week at a time (like I do).

Last week, 89% of participants had success with their behavioral goals!!! Some had less-than-perfect success (“yes, partly”) and some full-out, but I focus on PROGRESS, not Perfection so anyone who didn’t report “No” gets counted a success for me!

I’m tempted to stop the reporting of success right here, because honestly what you do day to day to move towards healthy living & weight loss is MUCH more important than what the scale says.  (In fact, some Spring Focus participants are only checking in on behavior, not on weight at all).

Impressive Weight Loss of 22.5 Pounds in One Week

Spring Focus Weight Loss Support week of May 10

The collective weight loss for ONE WEEK is 22.5 pounds!!  The week measured was from May 10th-17th, although some people report in for a slightly different period based on their own weekly weigh-in day.

Spring Focus is about Weight Loss Accountability

The reason I started Spring Focus was to boost weight loss accountability. My own & others.  I needed to start back, and I needed to commit to a long-enough period that I could build some momentum, but not so long as to be put off by the task.  Two months seemed about right, and July 4th as an end date had a nice significance to it.

I’m really pleased with how Spring Focus has worked for me & for the community.  If you want to check in on anyone to see how they’re doing on Spring Focus, the blogroll is on the right →.

Want to Join?

You don’t need to have joined early on to benefit from being focused now & through June.  We’re a pretty open bunch so if you think this kind of accountability will help you, just drop a comment here.

Reporting on my goals for this week

  1. Eat healthy without writing things down : this is going well.  I bought my husband macaroon’s from Pierre Hermé yesterday as a treat, but had the presence of mind to buy a nice box of gariguette strawberries Gariguete strawberries / photo via Flickr by umami88
  2. Daily weigh in : 193 again.  Whatever
  3. Exercise : a super-long walk yesterday.  It was a lovely day, going for a walk was a great choice!  I enjoyed it enormously.

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