Spring Focus weekly report-in week 4 of 8

June 9, 2010


We are doing great as a Spring Focus group!

I’m proud to be a part of the group, thrilled to be gently pushed towards my goals, and a little in was of all that the group has accomplished.

95% are made progress on some or all of their goals this past week!

Since I threw down the PROGRESS, not Perfection challenge last week, all but one person said they had either fully or partially met their behavioral goals – the highest percentage yet (and with one odd NO to remind us that imperfect is quite okay).

Perfect weigh ins!

Nobody gained! Everyone either lost nor stayed the same (I don’t consider 0.2 pounds a gain, I consider it within the range of inaccuracy of a scale, so the one person who is pretty tough with herself and reported +0.2 got that converted to 0 by me!)

Group weight loss to date? 81 whopping pounds!!!

I counted it up several times because I was (am still) so impressed! I wish I was adding more than 2 measly pounds to that number, but the truth is that EVERYONE is helping, even those onus with very small numbers, those with none, and those who aren’t weighing in. We’re committed to two months of focus and two months of support and frankly that’s helping all of us move towards our goals no matter what the scale says.


Spring Focus

There are still several weeks left in Spring Focus – we started May 4th and are ending July 5th, and it’s a great way to be in good shape with healthy habits (and lose a few pounds) by summer. You can still join, someone else did last week.

Bravo to everyone for all the great work (and support) to date!

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