Spring Focus : We’re doing great!

May 26, 2010

Spring is wonderful in so many ways, but for those of us participating in Spring Focus it’s also been a really great way to get ourselves focused on losing some weight right now.

We’re doing great!

We didn’t have as complete a response as last week, but I didn’t chase people down like I did last week either.

Over 19 pounds gone last week

Despite my pulling the group down by GAINING instead of LOSING weight this past week, the group still posted an impressive -19.5 pound weight loss for the week between May 17th-24th! Amazing!

That brings the total weight loss for Spring Focus Participants to over 60 pounds since our “official” start in early May.

87% are making progress towards goals

87% of Spring Focus participants who reported in said that they had achieved some or all of their behavioral goals! In fact, those who didn’t meet their goals this past week had met their goals in the previous week (and I’m confident they’ll hit them again this week!).

To show that it’s not all about the scale, this week’s badge shows progress towards goals!

Want to Join Spring Focus?

You don’t need to have joined early on to benefit from being focused! Our only objective is accountability & helping each other make Progress. Our group is in effect through July 4th, which means there is more than a MONTH to go (5 weeks in fact). We’re a pretty open bunch so if you think this kind of accountability will help you, just drop a comment here.


My personal Spring Focus check-in

  1. Healthy Eating : okay.  Starting to accept that next week I’ll probably start writing things down…
  2. Exercise : Yeah! Went to the gym, had a good workout, also had a long walk
  3. Focus on Relaxing : This went well most of the day – nice teas, tended the roses, cleaned up our living room (after having dumped all our weekend stuff there), read a few chapters in a book.

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