Still hanging in there

September 22, 2009

Well, my weight has bounced around a fair amount this week, as I expected with stopping one kind of hormones and then starting another. Still, Monday to Monday I’m flat at 197 but I’m not changing the ticker until mid October when all of this medical stuff is behind me.

Did you know that it’s been almost 6 months since I’ve been back on track? I’ve been losing very consistently for most of that time — several plateaus but more than that you see these losses of one, one, one, one …. adding up to 24 so far.  I’m really proud of myself, and the weight loss has now hit the 10% mark, and the change is real.  My clothes fit completely differently – things that got me through the last 2 winters are too baggy, certain things that were very tight fit correctly, and in a few pounds I’ll open up the clothes I boxed away & feel like I’ve gone shopping.  My rings fit again (well, most of them) and that’s been fun to play with.

I’ve never been a fast loser, but a pound a week is pretty fast for me.  I’m also really REALLY pleased with the ratio of effort and sacrifice vs weight loss.  I talked a lot on my blog several years ago about needing to find low-stresss weight loss, and I finally think things have converged for me.  I don’t eat starch and sugar, and I do have to keep a reign in on fruit (and even some vegges) but the amazing lack of hunger from restricting carbohydrates and the feelings of wellbeing are definitely worth it.

*** On another subject, for those who pray, or send wishes to the universe, or good thoughts etc, I would very much appreciate al the good will you can throw my way over then next 2 or so weeks as we go through the IVF egg collection.  I am taking the stimulation drugs now and sometime early October they should be going in to get the eggs and make the embryos, which we will then freeze to use with a gestational surrogate because I have to have the hysterectomy for the endometrial cancer.  So we’re making snowbabies right now, and I’m pretty nervous about it.  ***

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