Still smiling

May 15, 2010

Just a quick update today – I don’t want to spend too long on the computer.

Springtime in Paris

It’s a beautiful Saturday in Paris & we had a nice lunch at a restaurant that has a wonderful greenhouse roof

And a walk home under the blooming trees

Still smiling

I was more than a little nervous waiting for the call from my mom from yesterday’s ultrasound with the gestational carrier / surrogate (my infertility saga is here).  My husband organized well for us to go out to dinner then to watch Pulp Fiction to keep me distracted.  Still, 45 minutes before the appointment I got into the chocolate, but not too much damage.

Finally my mom called from the doctors office with the words we were hoping for – “congratulations”.  I don’t have all the details – it was quite late here in Paris & my mom & the carrier were still at the doctors office, but I know there is a heartbeat, I know it’s one baby.  We were very relieved, and very happy.

The next few weeks of course still hold a relatively high risk of miscarriage – so those keeping us in your thoughts, prayers or crossed fingers please continue to do so.

My Spring Focus Update

It seems rather insignificant to think about my weight in the context of this big news, but I’m still doing well.  The fact that I made a plan adapted to these days has really helped me.

1) Eat healthy : working well. Had Korean (yum!) for dinner & it was easy to make healthy choices there.  The whole family loved it and we agreed to put the restaurant into more regular rotation.  At lunch today I had 2 bites of bread and 4 bites of dessert, but generally pretty good.  Yesterday’s brief chocolate affair was significantly curtailed by the fact I knew I’d come on here & report my transgression.

2) Water : was good yesterday

3) Daily weigh in : 194, which is UP, but luckily I’m in a good mood so it doesn’t matter

Extra : Exercise!  I think I’m ready to add an exercise goal next week.  I enjoyed hiking the past 2 days and today have walked to most of the things I had to do around town (see pic above for proof!).


Spring Focus Announcements :

It’s not to late for you to join (someone joined us yesterday) – just comment here.

Tomorrow I will post everyone’s goals.  If you made a post about your goals & I found it, I’ll link it (if I miss it make sure you let me know).  If I don’t have your goals yet then you can tell me later & I’ll update the post.

Weight tracking will be collected on Monday : you can email it to me or leave it in my comments.  2 numbers please : how much you lost this past week (whenever you define your weekly weigh in date) & how much you’ve lost total since the start of Spring Focus.  I’ll post the COLLECTIVE result on Tuesday.  No leaderboards, no competition – everyone is pulling for everyone, and themselves!

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