Stomach flu – blech!

December 4, 2007

Yesterday I awoke feeling kind of a grumbling feeling in my tummy. I’d had a light dinner, and had taken my iron pills early, so I thought it might be one of those things. I was working on the computer and had breakfast a bit later than usual. My usual, oatmeal w milk. For the 3rd time in about a week I didn’t finish my oatmeal but I chalked it up to this new “paying attention to hunger thing”.  A few minutes later I started feeling really icky.

I will spare you the details, but I spent the next 4 hours with major stomach flu symptoms. I called the doctor who thought it was more likely stomach flu than food poisoning (my milk was slightly old, I thought it might be that). Anyway, he gave me several drugs for various symptoms and told me to eat white meats and white starches for the next few days.

So long, pizza test. The pizza test will have to wait until next week now, because the idea is to have a ‘taboo’ food several days running and train your body to find a new approach other than Feast or Famine. As I’m going out of town from Wednesday – Friday (and won’t have control over what foods are served) the pizza test will have to wait for next week.

The little weigh-in devil on my shoulder was whispering for me to weigh myself again after the waves of icky-ness started to subside. I flicked him off my shoulder and kept my scale deep in the closet, even though that call to see a lower number was tempting… But not real weight lost, and not in line w my new approach.

I felt gradually better all day, although not 100%.

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