July 15, 2009

I am enjoying my summer so far.  Despite this stupid endometrial cancer thing.

The days are sunny and warm.  I am loving my sunbathing, although I am adding back sunscreen to my face (no need to look old before my time, and I’ve read the face is such a small percentage of our skin to make vitamin D that protection makes sense).

Our backyard is great, full of flowers and plants and greenery, eating out there is pure pleasure.  The hibiscus tree is in bloom.

I am working from home and my boss is being an angel about work – she basically said she’s going to run my team for me until after summer vacation, and she’ll keep me in the loop but out of responsiblity, which is exactly what I needed.  I’ll be able to put some of my mental energy into some of the longer-term researching projects that I never have time for, because the day to day will be managed by her.  Best for my team, especially as I can’t make any firm committments right now since doctors appointments must and do come first.  Our conversation today really took a big load off my mind.

I LOVED my weekend – gosh, it was wonderful.  I got back in a pool (that’s been TOO LONG), and had all these great spa treatments (the best was the modelage sous affusion, heavenly), drank their herbal teas and laid in the sun between treatments, reading my book.  The food was quite good and aside from a few bites of my husband’s desserts and one crepe for lunch (no choice, salad wasn’t available), I kept completely on the low-carb thing without any difficulty.  I’ll need to make sure I have my 99% chocolate with me in the US, because those bites of dessert were mainly because I didn’t have MY treat, so I need to make sure that doesn’t happen for 3 weeks.   We went on a bike ride (uh, I bonked, but it was good while it lasted), a really long walk on a gorgeous coast, then another shorter walk the day before we left.

Here is a picture of the hotel where we were – our room looked directly out on this bay – gorgeous!

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