Sun is shining

February 16, 2008

I am one of those people who is very susceptible to sunshine.  If the sun is shining I automatically have a better day.  When it’s not, it’s more of a struggle.  That the sun is shining bright (but cold) here in Paris this morning is in line with my generally positive and upbeat attitude this morning.

Thank you all for so many helpful and supportive comments this week.

Things have gone better towards the end of the week.  My DH started to feel a little better and had some more tests (CAT scan, etc) and was deemed fit for surgery and a good candidate for the laproscopic procedure (which is a much easier recovery than the open surgery).  His pain got better late in the week, and his “deposit” was A+ quality yesterday morning.  The IUI went smoothly, great timing, great numbers, and now it’s out of our hands (but all wishes, hopes and prayers are welcome!!!).  Job stuff continued about the same and other than being lazy and therefore behind on some assignments it’s nothing major.

I am going to go for a nice long walk today, after brunch with my DH and a little shopping trip to finally get his Christmas present (he was the procrastinator, not I!).  I will try to return to eating reasonably this week, and to consistently keeping the food diary (I’ve been off and on with that).  The market is tomorrow and I’ll buy broccoli and some stuff for soup and clementines and a few other things.  Maybe apples for applesauce…   I’d like to find a bit of time today to find a recipe to try tonight or tomorrow, I’m really liking this cooking thing!

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