July 13, 2007

We have had a very cold and overcast summer so far here. Today, finally, it is sunny. And so is my outlook! I also went to the hairdresser, another pick-me-up. I cut roses from my garden & have been working on my ‘get ready to lose weight’ homework. I ate my leftover black bean salad (in which I added WAY too much onion) and have been good about snacking. I will go out for my daily walk in a little bit — needing sunglasses!

Isn’t it amazing how something that we can’t control can have so much effect on our outlook? Or maybe I was just ready to be really upbeat today?

We are going to a Dinner Party at a friend’s house tonight. Likely to be a calorie-challenge, but also possible to be full of foods I don’t like (foie gras, salmon, etc). Always a crapshoot. I don’t think either of us are looking forward to it, but we’ve put off 2 other invitations so we are in a bit of a bind…

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