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November 9, 2009

I think all the collective good will (friends, family, all my eFriends like you all) really helped me. The surgery went well and it’s been an easier recovery than I had feared. They were able to do the hysterectomy via laparoscope, which means far less abdominal cutting, and I was up on my feet about 16 hours later. I did so well in my recovery they let me out a day or two early from what is typical at my hospital. The only pain meds I had since the night of surgery is Tylenol and sometimes I boost it with an anti-inflammatory. I’m walking daily – trying to go about 5 min longer each day but I overdid it on Sat so trying to be a bit calmer about it.

My weight is hardly been my preoccupation, but I did start on the carbs 2 days before surgery (bread, dessert) and then in the hospital of course you don’t control your diet. They had me on a glucose drip for surgery & 24 hours after and the first things I was able to eat were breads and sweetened things (yogurt, applesauce). But the day after getting home from the hospital I got back on track, and I saw the 6 pounds of bloat (from carbs & surgery) fall away over 3 days).

I haven’t had much appetitite – small amounts of food satisfy me, and ‘normal’ portions make me nauseous (probably effects from the anesthesia & the mucking around the surgeon did in the gut). It helps me to not overeat, however.

All told, surgery was easier than expected, recovery is easier than expected, & emotionally I’m doing better than I expected.

Thanks again for all of your support over the past 6 months.

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