Thanksgiving Announcement : Baby On The Way

November 24, 2010

Look Who’s Coming!

I am so pleased to announce to you all that we are expecting a baby in the late Spring of 2011!

Our gestational carrier (politically correct term for “surrogate”) is successfully pregnant!

It’s Been A Challenge

Those of you who have followed for a long time know the backstory.

For those newer to my blog, the short summary is that we have had a really difficult time trying to have a baby.  (You can read more about the gory details, including a cancer diagnosis if you’d like).

Now Exhaling…

We’ve made it through some early bleeding, a ton of waiting and worrying, and several ultrasounds where we keep seeing our little MacGyver hanging on and growing right on schedule, looking healthy in every way.    We’ve successfully passed all the hurdles and all the screening looks great.

We waited to be in the second trimester to tell anyone – including here  on the blog.   It’s been a nervous couple of months – she bled at the beginning of the pregnancy, so we were very worried about that.  Then worried about getting past the point where the last miscarriage was picked up.

Thankfully, appointment after appointment everything has been going well.   We’re pregnant with one healthy little one, growing perfectly on track, strong heartbeat, and all screening looks perfect. We didn’t tell anyone for a long time and told my stepson just 3 weeks ago, and our families last week.

Earlier this year I blogged step by step as I went through IVF & we transferred to the carrier, had good results for a while & then sadly miscarried.  Not only did I share it here, I also shared it pretty widely in real life since so many people knew we were doing the IVF and I had taken so much time off work.   Having to announce another miscarriage to friends and family (and here on the blog) was heartbreaking.

This time, we played it close to the chest, not telling anyone the specifics or dates, and repeatedly dodging questions (or in the case of the blog, leaving your comments unanswered – sorry).

Limited Bandwith Means Lower Priority on Weight Loss

If you’ve been close to infertility, you know that it’s a delicate balance between keeping some element of hope alive in your heart and still protecting yourself from crushing disappointment each time you make another attempt.  Emotionally, it’s a tricky balance and it’s really exhausting.

As we went through some rocky periods early in this pregnancy I dropped the weight loss focus back a lot because I needed to keep my sanity and channel my limited self control into keeping my emotional self stable.  I didn’t tell why, but I said I was doing “intuitive weight loss” which was really a way for me to hope that my ingrained good habits would keep me relatively stable while I put my focus on things that are MUCH more important than the size of my pants.

I gained a few pounds during these weeks but I did keep my chin up, my hope intact and my heart at the ready.  As all subsequent exams have gone well I’ve started to relax.  We slowly started to tell a few people.  We started to look at name books, and we’re starting to seriously discuss how we’ll organize our lives.  We’re starting to believe this is real.  (And yes, I’m now starting to think about weight loss again – a sure sign my confidence about this pregnancy is up).

I though Thanksgiving is the appropriate time to make the announcement here.  I am so thankful to be able to share this good news with you!

For those who pray or send good thoughts to the universe please keep us in your thoughts for another 6 months or so – until I can post a picture of a healthy little one  in my arms!


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