That makes 10!

May 4, 2009

Another of those horrid pounds was gone today, bringing me to 10 down in about 7 weeks, which is pretty fast for me.  I’m quite happy. I’m heading into my 4th week of restricted carbohydrate eating and I really think there is a difference in terms of hunger, blood sugar dips and probably calories in general.

Its been ages since I kept a really close count of calories, but every so often I throw a day into some software (usually one of the diet programs on my iPhone) and I did that for yesterday – mainly to check the carb grams, only to find that the calories were not as astronomical as I thought. 

My new “standard” breakfast is 2 fried eggs, and they weigh in at about 180 calories, and keep me totally full until lunch, which is interesting because my old oatmeal or muesli breakfast was considerably higher calories and would have me wondering when lunch was coming — and now I’m always surprised when I see, ‘oh, it’s lunchtime’ and I havent had the slightest hunger twitch.  In fact when I’ve been home I’ve been listening to my hunger and often go 6 hours between meals, but here in Germany the cafeteria hours are quite restricted and if I miss lunch and get hungry a few hours later there are no options – especially no restricted-carb ones (everyone seems to have chocolate and fruit on their desks however).

I’ve also decided that I can have 1 serving of something carb-full this weekend in Rome (will likely be a gelato).  I’m re-reading South Beach Diet and while that’s not really the program I’m following, I’m definitely enough weeks in to be able to have one carb serving in a week without it blowing everything.  That way I also can plan how I’ll spend the carb serving, and won’t risk feeling so deprived that I just blow it. 


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