The Baguette Sandwich

December 6, 2007

Yesterday I had to eat lunch on the run, something I don’t do very often these days.

In France the most common on-the-run lunch is to grab a baguette sandwich.  If you’re lucky they can be very good, if you’re in a train station they are usually not.  They’re better than the American on-the-run fast food places, and probably better than a sub sandwich in terms of quality.  You find them everywhere.

I knew lunch today would be tough.  I got to the train station with a few minutes to spare, but not enough to get a sit down lunch where I might find the onion soup I’ve been fantasizing about.  Since the sandwiches that they sell on the trains are even worse than what you find in the station, I bit the bullet and bought my baguette sandwich lunch to take with me.

There were lots of choices, but I took feta cheese with cucumber and lettuce.  What was really calling to me was the big basket of granny smith apples which it turned out I could select as my dessert if I got the menu.  Sold.  A bottle of sparkling water rounded out the take, and off I went to the high-speed train to the South of France.

My baguette sandwich was fine, typical.  The bread a bit dry because in the train stations it’s all big chains that use industrial bread and probably make them the night before.  Toppings are towards skimpy, as is usual for this kind of sandwich – adds some taste but you really eat mainly bread (unlike US sub sandwiches where the filling is sometimes falling out). Not bad, but nothing fabulous either.

I’ve really been trying with my Dr Hope homework and the thing that kept calling to me was the apple.  I stopped eating the baguette sandwich halfway through and put it away for later.  I grabbed the apple, because that’s what I was really hungry for.  It was good.  Crisp, tangy, and satisfying.  I never went back and finished the sandwich.  After eating the apple I decided my hunger was satisfied enough to get by.

I’m finding the more I focus on finding the pleasure in food, the more pleasure I’m finding.  Even in a simple sandwich (not much pleasure) and apple (much pleasure).

I think this learning bears repeating : the more I focus on finding pleasure in what I eat, the more pleasure I find.

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