The Black Pants

September 24, 2009

The weight where I stabilized for most of the 6 years I’ve been in Paris is 195.  If I was being really honest I’d admit that I was +/- a few pounds of 195 in fact.

I had one pair of great-fitting excellent black pants that fit better at 190 than they did at 195 but didn’t really work above 195 at all.  Those pants were starting to be worn and although I bought a few things to replace them I never really found the perfect black pants that they were (or are, they’re still here in storage).

When my weight crept up 2 years ago I found another pair of black pants.  Ones that are extremely forgiving of weight fluctuations, they look okay when they’re …er… fuller, and they drape well when I’m smaller.  They’ve been my wardrobe workhorse now for a long time, although when I went above 215 they didn’t work again (yes, I have black pants for the 215-220 range too).  But these Black Pants have been a year-round staple for about 2 years.

Today, getting ready for a really hectic day of medical and financial appointments running all over, I instictively reached for them.  And putting them on realized they were, in fact, too big.

Now, these are the ‘bigger’ black pants (but not the biggEST).  I found in my closet one of the pairs of pants intended to replace my 195 favorites and they fit — not great, they’ll be better in a few pounds, but definitely passable (but these pants won’t make the cut as the replacement to the Great Black Pants That Are Wearing Out).  I tried on 3 other pair of pants that had been unthinkably tight, then looked at the clock and ran out the door.  In nice brown pants that I bought last February as ‘inspiration’ as they didn’t fit at all (am I the only one who does this?).

Bottom line? I’m shrinking!  I’m fitting back into my smaller clothes.  Those boxes marked ‘195’ in my closet will contain TONS of stuff that will fit and look good.  I’m going to spend my money on shoes and cashmere sweaters while I’m in the US since I’ll find plenty of clothes when I come home and soon reach that 195 mark.

How cool is that?



*** On another subject, for those who pray, or send wishes to the universe, or good thoughts etc, I would very much appreciate al the good will you can throw my way over then next 2 or so weeks as we go through the IVF egg collection.  I am taking the stimulation drugs now and sometime early October they should be going in to get the eggs and make the embryos, which we will then freeze to use with a gestational surrogate because I have to have the hysterectomy for the endometrial cancer.  So we’re making snowbabies right now, and all your well wishes are much appreciated.  ***

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