The danger of the scale

May 11, 2010

I did well yesterday with my small babysteps goals.

Yesterday I announced 3 goals for the next few days, and not only did I do well on them, I even went a bit above and beyond.

1) Eat healthy, balanced, foods but not write anything down

I ate really well yesterday.  Made a healthy salad with some roast beef & a variety of veggies with homemade dressing for lunch which I ate on the sly during a teleconference.  Snacked on sunflower seeds.  Made a chicken dish with broccoli for dinner (which my husband really didn’t care for).

No pressure either – nothing written down, healthy foods stocked, veggies cut up already.   Easy and tasty, goal met.

2) Drink at least 10 glasses of water or herbal tea

I spent the whole day timing bathroom breaks, made 3 pots of herbal tea, plus green tea in the morning – this went well too.  This morning I peed for about an hour before getting on the scale

BONUS : Exercise

I didn’t even make an exercise goal, because I’ve been struggling too much so I didn’t want a goal I wouldn’t make or one that would make me feel resentful, but I did make it out for a 40 min walk, which felt great.

3) Weigh myself daily

So this is the problem.  Despite being such a good girl yesterday, and peeing forever before the scale, the darn thing stayed the same.  Not even one 0.1 difference, and I don’t even count the details of pounds!

I’m a realist with the scale

I’ve always felt it has a mind of it’s own, is often disconnected to reality, and is NOT a good barometer of what we do, especially on a daily basis.  On a weekly or monthly basis it can be a decent indicator, but don’t you think that we’re ALWAYS better off to focus on our Actions (diet, exercise, motivation, planning) and not the stupid scale?   How many times have you seen someone say that they went on a << vacation / food festival / binge / whatever >> and didn’t gain a pound?  Not that one transgression should show up on the scale, but sometimes we do something stupid & prolonged & then feel like we “got away with” something…

It would be lovely if our weight reflected just our current week’s actions.

Celery week, you weigh 110 pounds, Donut & nachos week you weigh in at 350…   Unfortunately (or fortunately) our bodies are much more stable than that – preserving weight preserves life, and losing in particular is hard for a body to do – especially if you are lucky enough to have the types of genes that would have allowed your ancestors to survive a famine.  You stock fat well, you hold on to it well.  That was once a metabolic advantage, today it means you bust the seams of your pants from time to time…

Anyway, I’m not worried about the one-day weigh in number, but I do think it’s the Danger of the Scale, because all my good effort from yesterday was eclipsed for a few minutes by the feeling of disappointment when I saw the number on the scale.  I suspect I won’t last long in doing the daily weigh-ins, and I’ll go back to weekly before long.


Spring Focus Update :

The Blogroll is now up!

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