The Dozen Chick

October 6, 2009

Update from our IVF : I made a dozen eggs!  That’s a pretty good response for anyone, let alone for a 41 year old chick.  All fertilized, but only 9 fertilized normally (still, 75% is a good rate).  All were in good shape on Day 3 and they froze them all. Yippee! 

We also met with our gestational carrier (surrogate) and her husband and really feel this is a good match.  Both sides seem really happy to go on this adventure together.   Next steps will be working out a lot of the insurance issues, finalizing the elements for the contract, and most importantly, getting her medical evaluation (this in December).  If all moves smoothly we could be doing a transfer in February or March.  There is a lot to do between then and now to get ready, but I’m approaching it like a big complex project.

Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts & support.  It meant a lot to me to have so many people rooting for us, and clearly it paid off!

On the diet front, as planned I stuck to the low carb way of eating for the most part.  I had ice cream 3 times and twice had meals where carbs snuck in (once Mexican, once a nice restaurant) but was quite reasonable overall and am right back on it.  My weight looked like it was down a bit, but now that I’m bloated from all the progesterone after the medically-induced ovulation it’s hard to tell.  I’ll weigh in officially next Monday (although I’ll be pre-menstrual & still bloated) but should have a good idea of where my weight really is on October 19th.  The good news is that even on the days where the scale moves up, I’m still solidly in Onederland. The scale hasn’t moved above 200 for even one day in over a month!

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