The End of Spring Focus : Group Results

July 8, 2010

Spring Focus has now ended!

Low Stress Weight Loss Spring Focus Final results

The results are in… Group total weight loss is 129.2 pounds!!!

That’s right, we lost a whole skinny girl!!!

13 people reported in to the final week, so yes, you read that right, the average weight loss is almost 10 pounds per participant!

Here’s the breakdown :

  • Losing 5 pounds :          4 people
  • Losing 6-10 pounds :    2 people
  • Losing 11-15 pounds :   3 people
  • Losing 16-20 pounds :  2 people
  • Losing 29 pounds :        1 person

I am not publicly outing anyone in any category – although almost everyone has reported on how they’ve done in their blogs.  I had feedback early on that linking to success or failure wasn’t necessarily appreciated (especially the failure side).  I’ve added a blogroll for those who finished Spring Focus so you can easily check up on how everyone’s done!

We had 25 people sign up, and about half have been active, 13 making it to the final check in (listed in the new blogroll, under “Link” in the menu above).  From some quick searching for similar efforts, I’d say our participation has actually been excellent, since it looks like diet bloggers tend to drop out 3/4 or more of the time.  I recently read somewhere that groups work best for accountability when they are capped at around 15.  I don’t know if that applies to online groups as well, but I do know some participants felt a bit let down by those who signed up but didn’t stick to it.  Personally I know how hard it is to keep on keeping on sometimes, and I’ve struggled so many times myself that I know that sometimes you just have to drop out of things like this even if  a part of you wanted to do it (and so signed up) because a part of you won’t want to do it.

Why I ran Spring Focus & what I got out of it

I started Spring Focus out of a desire to get myself accountable for losing some of the weight I piled on in April and to get through a defined time period.  Several other bloggers were struggling around the same time, so I suggested we join forces.  For me, at least, it really helped.  I was really struggling to get back to the healthy habits and a losing pattern before I started, and this group really helped me pull myself together.

The goals defined at the beginning of Spring Focus have been met!

A lot of people met the goals they set for themselves, including me!

  1. Get in shape to go hiking this summer : Done! Serious fitness gains made, I’m back in the same shape I was in in March before the madness started.  We’ve changed the vacation destination, but hiking is still on the agenda!
  2. Be back on track with healthy living to stay the course during vacation : Done! I’m really completely back into my good habits, and feel really confident for the next several weeks before vacation, and confident that I can at least maintain my weight during vacation in August.
  3. Get the weight loss going again : Done! I finally broke out of the 190s this week, and am only 4 pounds away from where I was this spring before the regain.  I’m really hoping to leave for vacation back at that weight, so goal for the next 3 weeks is pretty aggressive for a slow loser like myself.  But thanks to the experience of the Focus, I feel ready to try!

Your feedback from the survey :

Thanks so much for giving your feedback to the survey (you can still give your opinion if you’d like).

Quick summary of some of the key points :

Feedback via Google form : Basically almost everyone liked the way we’ve reported via a Google form and as the coordinator I have to say that it really simplifies things a lot.  Otherwise people tend to each answer different parts of the report-in and then the group tally becomes impossible.

A note on competition : there are a few competitive souls in the group who would have liked a public leaderboard or other ways to see where they stand vs others, but the vast majority clearly do NOT want that.  Looking at participation over the 8 weeks I’m pretty sure that if we had a public stats board we’d have had more drop outs and more people having one bad week and then abandoning.  I am a competitive person in certain areas of my life, but not in weight loss.  Any future Focus events that I run will continue to have only one competitive angle : the competition against yourself.  This blog isn’t called “low stress” weight loss for nothin’!

Weigh in day : 70% of you prefer Mondays.  The rest of you don’t agree on a weigh-in or check-in day.

Easy to participate? Most of you said it was easy (but most survey respondents were participants).  I’d love to know more about what struggles the lower-participation people had with checking in or reporting in, since I suspect that might be part of why people dropped out (although most drop outs have actually stopped updating their blogs… and we all know what a pause in blogging means for a diet blogger 😉 )

Graphics : I admit it, there is room for improvement in my graphics & you noticed! Getting this blog designed to look halfway decent is a bigger priority right now, but I’ll try do better next time.  I’d appreciate any more specific comments that could help me understand what you disliked & what you think would be better.

Interest in future “focus” periods : I’m taking the summer off from Focus & from running them.  I’ll start another focus here in September, it will run from Labor Day until Thanksgiving, then I’ll run the critical “No Gain Holidays” from Thanksgiving – New Years.  But never you fear, since so many of you were keen to sign up for summer, DietBuddyDaily is hosting the Focus for the summer & will turn it back to me in September.

Finally, thanks a lot for putting me on track!

I decided to run this Spring Focus because I’d have loved to have signed up for such a thing at the moment I was struggling, so I hoped that running it would force me to do it myself (it did!).  I really enjoyed meeting all of you, and benefited in many ways from learning what I did by running this.

Thanks to all for your active participation, & congrats to all for your great results!


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