The excuses are coming to an end…

February 25, 2008

My DH’s surgery today went well, and it’s now behind us. Sure, he’ll be in the hospital for a while and will be in pain and then when he gets off the morphine will probably be grouchy because he can’t do everything he wants, but the worst is over and the surgeon said that it was a success (granted, who’s ever heard a surgeon say otherwise? Not I…)

I have been nervous-eating for a few days but my excuses are going away and feeling like a bloated slug is getting old.

The good news is that the hospital is not on a direct metro line so it’s a 15-20 minute train ride (with a change) plus a 5 minute walk to get there, so I just walk it directly which only takes 20 minutes and gives me a small amount of exercise, 40 minutes walking daily guaranteed for at least a week. Not bad.

I’m thinking of doing some of the exercises around Preparing to Lose Weight over the coming days. I have some of these collected from prior attempts and some newsletters, plus I have the Beck Diet Solution book that I might dip into. I figure some good thinking might help get my mind ready to force my body into action.

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