The Fattest Girl on the Beach

August 17, 2010

Here in the Indian ocean I’m pretty much the Fattest Girl on the Beach.

i wish........
Creative Commons License photo credit: omnia_mutantur (not me! You wouldn’t catch me dead in a bikini bottom)

I felt bad about that for about a minute, but mostly I felt bad for even thinking about it – for sizing up the other women & making the classifications.  Since then, I’ve just sucked it up and went on with : walking on the beach, swimming in the dreamy water, splashing around with the kids, snorkeling, and hanging out in the sun.   With the wobbly bits on display, should anyone care to really look.

[pullquote]We probably wouldn’t worry about what people think of us if we could know how seldom they do.  -Olin Miller[/pullquote]

I can be the fattest girl on the beach and go inside and hide, or I can be the fattest girl on the beach and go ahead and enjoy my day.  Others have done this too.

In fact, when you go to beaches and pools, you actually are usually confronted with the great variety of the human form and all it’s various imperfections.  (For a reminder of what real women look like, check out this awesome site that has real women photos at every weight!)

Sadly, some people feel so self-conscious they throw away the fun and joy of the situation due to shame or perceived judgment.

Here’s an image to help you put it in perspective (taken just this week from the real-life perspective of the fattest girl on the beach):
My ScribeIt Creation

I’m offering this image as a large size image (good for a computer wallpaper) : [download id=”1″]

Do you hide when you find yourself feeling big?  Or do you just accept yourself as you are & go about enjoying yourself?

If you try the download thing, could you please let me know how it works?

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