The Intention To Lose Weight

January 13, 2012

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This week my main focus has been simple, and hard.

Eating with the intention of losing weight.

The overarching theme of the week though has mainly been about my vision, my intention.

I’m really clear about where I want to get, and the reality that getting there will require doing things quite differently.  For the first time in many years my mind is really open to new things.

Daily focus

Each day I start by crystallizing my vision of my goal.  My healthy active life, not-too-big body, wearing somewhat stylish French clothes, playing actively with my kids.  I am at a healthy weight in these visions, I eat pretty much as I do now, although treats will be maybe a little more often.

That clear vision of where I want to go is something I return to multiple times per day.  I’m really not an affirmation person, nor a vision-board person.  I don’t have post-its with sayings stuck up around my house on this stuff.  But when I’m dishing out my chili for lunch and deciding whether or not to add another spoonful before I stick it in the microwave I think about it.  When I wander through the kitchen and think about what I could have, it helps me to decide to just put on the kettle for a pot of herbal tea.  When I’m joining my husband who’s home very late from work and eating and I’m just sitting there talking to him & I decide against the nibble of something on his plate he’s offered me I’m thinking about that vision, and my intention of losing weight today .

It’s not a struggle, exactly, just a reminder that’s there, gently reminding me of where I’m trying to go, and what actions I’m going to need to get there.

Fully Engaged

I’m fully engaged in the process right now, without feeling like it is a source of stress.

As someone who’s been dieting for many many years it’s easy for me to feel stressed out by this “perfect dieter” vision in my head, thoughts of dry salads and skimpy portions and more zucchini than anyone should see in a month.  The hunger.  And painful exercise sessions, excruciatingly early in the morning, sweating in hot weather, something in my body hurting.  This is what I resist, what stresses me – this vision of ways I’ve lost weight in the past, the “should” vision of dieting that I rarely if ever actually live up to.

This blog, which is my hope to find a path that will lead me to a lower weight without the painful all-out bootcamp type approach.   And this diet coaching program is quite well aligned to my vision.

Open Minded

There is a lot of information available through my course.  I’m lucky that the diet program has a lot of audio content available and I am a big fan of podcasts & audiobooks.  I’m able to listen to a lot of lessons and that delivery style fits my life very well.

I’m trying to do something with the program daily during the week.  There is a lot of information that can help me fine-tune my approach, and re-vamp certain things.  I’m taking it in, and applying it.

I’m learning some things, re-learning some things, and even un-learning some.

One of the requirements (or “strong recommendations” for those like me who bristle at the idea of someone outside requiring something of me) is writing down everything you eat.

I started the week saying I would continue in doing the tracking on my phone with an app I’ve used off and on for quite a while.  I used it for most of December, and I used it last week for my “get back on track” post-holiday week.   But I wasn’t being so great about it, I would put in half a day and then try to catch it up the next day.  I wasn’t using it to think forward very much.  And I was listening to the calls, and hearing some new takes on how to do daily journaling effectively.  I decided to switch tactics mid-week.  I switched to good old low-tech pen and paper.  Writing down my plan, and what I actually did.  With space for random thoughts, and a doodle or two if I want.

That switch demonstrated to me that I really am open to new ideas right now.

The diet group I’m in will rotate through a series of dieting approaches over the next several weeks.  Last year when I did the program I listened in to these but kept on doing my own thing, only integrating about 10% of what was being discussed.  I’m now much more open to try these things, see what they bring.  I’m not going to flit from diet to diet, but I can count calories no matter what kind of eating plan I’m following, and most of the other diet approaches in the program can also be integrated.  I’m sure I’ll learn something from each approach.



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