The next few days

January 22, 2009

Thank you all so much for your comments, they are helping to encourage me to get on track again.

Among the things that help the most is a little forward planning. I havent done it for a while, but doing it now should help.

Today I fly home and will be there until Monday morning. So I’m giving some thinking to the next couple of days, and what I can do to feel good about myself, my life, my weight.

Friday : go to the gym, buy some fruit & veggies, make dinner
Saturday : we are going to a day-long cooking class. Eating a filling healthy breakfast will help keep me from too much nibbling on stuff as we go. If we end in time I might be able to hit the gym, but it’s not that likely. Since lunch is likely to be rich, large & late, I’ll probably have a light dinner – so shopping on Saturday should include stuff for that. Maybe a stir fry, since we have a new wok?
Sunday : gym for sure, hopefully before noon. Day relaxing with my husband and finishing some personal paperwork I need to do. Hopefully a movie in the evening.

Monday : the travel starts again, but all week in one city, and maybe I’ll bring a WATP DVD?

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