The popcorn error

May 16, 2008

Yesterday evening I came home from work to find my stepson (DSS) ready for a snack — and I was too. I wanted to make myself my new Tabasco-fired air popcorn, but thought that I’d offer him a treat and finally make the microwave popcorn my DH bought a few months back – Jolly Time Mallow Pop which is supposed to be a marshmallow flavor like Rice Krispie Treats.

I thought I was safe as I had a plan for myself and I don’t like sweet popcorn (although – warning – I do like Rice Krispie Treats, I just never eat them). I made his popcorn first and was kind of fascinated / grossed out by the slimy white goo that is the “flavoring pouch”. We eat mainly whole foods around here – packaged foods are rare for us, and its been a long time since I’ve seen a slime pouch like that. My DSS was pretty excited by the whole process. He had rarely seen me make microwave popcorn, so even that was exciting to him, and the sugar-slime mix was a perfect treat for an 8 year old…

Well, it was pretty tasty. Terribly sweet and more than a little chemically, but creamy and greasy and sticky. He loved it. And I tasted more than I should have. And then kept grabbing another few bites. I never made my own air-popped hot-sauced version, and I think I ate about 1 1/2 “servings” of his – which I have just dutifully looked up on the box and figured out to be around 300 calories. Which doesn’t blow me out of the water (although the trans fats could blow up my arteries…) but did make dinner automatically a “light” one.

Lessons learned :

  • Do not let this packaged garbage food into the house. My DSS was happy with this treat but would have been just as happy with air-popped corn with butter and sugar, all of which are REAL ingredients.
  • Do not eat the stuff just because its around (if only…)
  • Make my own snack first. Had I done this I doubt I’d have touched his, except maybe a bite out of curiosity. I kept munching because I was hungry and wanted to crunch…

I was able to have a veggie-only dinner so the day was fine overall.

There are so many lessons to learn on this path!

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