The scale is wimpering!

October 19, 2009

That scale was beaten into submission these past few days. Seriously, I beat that scale senseless this week.

Finally the time of month bloating passed — it was not normal timing nor normal bloating (which of course makes sense, since I was doing IVF and they pumped me full of hormones). Finally late last week I started seeing 195-ish numbers and today the I got lucky and saw 194.

I suspect next week will be flat, but still I’m taking the 194, even if it is a one-day sneak preview. Puts me in the ’rounds to 190′ category, right?

I’m pretty happy that I’m losing again, and back to the numbers I saw in Denver.  I know the next few weeks with surgery weight loss won’t be on the top of my mind, but it’s nice to go into the medically-required slowdown knowing that I’ve been on a good path for a while, and that it’s definitely working.  Also all the mental beating-myself-up about my weight and body (which are always exacerbated when I’m in a hospital dependent on others) will be somewhat helped by the fact that in the past few months I’ve been quite successful in getting some of the weight off.

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