The World’s Best Chocolate Shop for Dieters

November 12, 2010

Marketing advice for chocolate boutiques in Paris :

If a large portion of your target market is

  • female
  • trying to pay attention to not over-indulging in your treat
  • suffering from moments of low self-esteem

then perhaps this is a Bad Marketing strategy


“Les truffes fraiches”   –> “Fresh truffles ” (refers to chocolate truffles)

“Ça n’est pas que pour les cochons…”  –> “It’s not just for pigs”

Seriously, does it take a marketing genius to realize they might have better success with a different window display strategy?

Can you extend the anti-marketing to ice cream, donuts, chips, fast food & other things we all want to eat less of?

(photo taken Wednesday November 10th 2010 in Paris at a chocolate boutique)

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