This is not good

June 16, 2008

This is not good – I’m up FOUR pounds.

I didn’t weigh in last Monday because we were out of town celebrating our anniversary and I didn’t want the pressure of a Monday weigh-in to cut into the pleasure of the weekend.

I then headed into a week that was difficult, with tons of travel and zero meals at home until Friday night (which was planned as a dinner out too, but at the last minute we decided to eat in). I also had none of the healthy staples in the fridge (fruit, veggies, yogurt, etc) and was traveling and running around from meeting to meeting all week. Somewhere later in the week I lost momentum and stopped doing the daily planning and recording sheets, and this weekend ate less-than-ideally.

Still, FOUR POUNDS GAINED? I ate reasonably most of the time and made a LOT of good choices. I knew I hadn’t eaten consistently at diet-level so I was expecting to see a small gain, but FOUR POUNDS is pretty ridiculous.

Well, I’m back at it, nose to the grindstone this week…

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