This Is What A Yo-Yo Dieter Looks Like

February 14, 2011

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I was looking over some records of 2010.

I started the year at 195, I ended the year at 198.

It looks on paper like I gained 3 pounds.

But, I’m a Yo-Yo

Except I also lost 34 pounds in 2010.

That should call for a celebration but there is a little problem.

Net / net that means I GAINED 37  also pounds in the year, since every time I lost I found the pound again, and also ended up with a few extra come Jan 1 2011.


The worst of it is that I was actively engaged in managing my weight for a good portion of the year.

I had 4 major gain phases

1) IVF April 2010 : intentionally quit dieting to have full nutritional support at my last hurrah into embryo-building.  Went overboard at the end for sure.

2) Summer vacation 2010 : not too dramatic, but never got it off…

3) Worry about the pregnancy in Fall 2010 : everything else went out the window.  Instead of quickly losing holiday weight and getting back on track, I tried to hold the line as I worried about the baby through weeks of bleeding.

4) Holiday 2010 : started okay with no-gain but declined into bad eating in the last weeks, and struggled to restart in 2011.

In between most of these phases I was dieting diligently, but obviously to little permanent benefit.

I know that these ups and downs is the real world of maintenance, but I’m saying loud and clear : I’m not comfortable with this being my maintenance weight.  Maybe when I’m in the 170s I’ll feel like that’s a maintenance weight, but the 190s most certainly are not.

So 2011 : my major weight goal is PERMANENT losses, even if they are slow and modest.

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