This week’s plan : to relax

February 8, 2010

I have a plan for this week, and it’s to enjoy myself.

I want to take a bubblebath.

I want to go back to the pool and swim (which I haven’t done in many months).

I want to watch a few movies, and listen to some music, and drink good tea & light a few candles, and generally just slow down and enjoy life.   I’d like to meditate more regularly this week too.

I’d also like to cook some this week, as I’ve gotten out of the habit recently with all the travel.  I now enjoy cooking, and miss it when I don’t do it.  After being away all last week, we ate out every night this weekend (including Sat), sampling French bistro fare, Morrocan, Greek & Japanese.  But I miss home.  Yesterday I hit the market & got stocked up & also planned menus for the week.  I’m also home for the week, and that really helps.

I’m planning to stay the course on my diet, keep up the regular exercise & generally keep on the good path.  That approach seemed to work last week – my weight is back down the 1 pound it was up, so the plateau is still officially here but I think on it’s way out.

But although I’ll do all the right “weight loss” things, I really want to focus on the “Low Stress” aspect right now.


On an unrelated note, does anyone know someone who can design logos and stuff like that in Illustrator or whatever the heck software is used for that?  I have a little project with even less money to put towards it (I can pay, but not much…), and my circle of friends has come up empty on the desktop designer front – so if you or someone you know has the skills, please let me know!

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