This week’s pleasures, this weekend’s plans

July 23, 2010

This week I’ve done a better job of keeping track of the daily pleasures of my life.  Not obsessively, not every day, but taking the time to do something nice for myself, and when I’ve been feeling harried, taking the time to write down what those things are.

Some of this week’s highlights :

  • This American Life podcasts

  • Clove wood candle

  • Bubble bath in the hotel using Molton Brown sample

  • Moving a meeting from an airless office to the bright outdoors

  • This cool new kitchen gadget that makes sparkling water.  Especially yummy with lemon or mint!

Sodastream experiment
Creative Commons License photo credit: thatcanadiangirl

Going for a long walk after a long day and discovering a cool surprise park

  • …and appreciating this great sky & sunset

photo 1.JPG
photo 3.JPG

  • …and seeing slugs!

photo 4.JPG

  • Dinner at an outdoor café in Paris with my DH just the two of us

  • My rosebushes which are having a good year!

  • The cherry tomato plant giving us a second flowering this year

  • Treating myself to l’Occitanie en Provence verbena collection gel & stuff – perfect for summer!


  • Iced green tea

  • A giant ice cream instead of dinner with 2 scoops (European size, but still) and strawberries & whipped cream

eddie's sweet shop sundae
Creative Commons License photo credit: scaredy_kat (not the one I had..)


This weekend’s plans

This is our last weekend in town before vacation, so a few errands to run, and several things to do around the house.

I’m excited to meet a blog friend here in Paris on Saturday.  We’re meeting for lunch & a walk, but since I’m hosting I know I’ll find a place that has good choices.  Besides she’s a fellow diet blogger 😉 even if she is in Paris on vacation…

Sunday we have a dinner, but it should be casual & at our place, so no worries in terms of food.

I’m doing quite well this week with my “daily exercise” goal & that will continue all weekend.  The weather here is perfect – sunny blue skies, not too hot, still warm enough for dinner outside!  I love it!

What about you? Leave a quick comment with what you’re facing this weekend & how you’ll handle it!


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