Too many objectives

January 6, 2009

I’m realizing I’m focusing on too many objectives right now, so I’m temporarily cutting out one that I think is really important, “Leave Something Left Over at Each Meal”.

It will be important for me to continue to work on this, and it was really helpful to have it front-and-center over the holidays, but with changing jobs, traveling, and trying to get an exercise habit built in, it’s a bit more than I can manage right now.

I’m keeping the goal of tracking fruit & veggies and trying to hit 9 servings every day (ideal) because I find it’s really helpful to get me to choose fruit or more veggies when I’m hungry.

The LeftOver goal will be back soon, and is not completely out of my head, I’m just one of those people who believes in fewer goals followed well vs tons of goals followed loosely (or the surefire recipe for a nervous breakdown – tons of goals followed closely — been there, done that, not going back.)

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