Too much takeout

November 2, 2008

On Friday we picked up takeout Lebanese food (from Noura, in the pic).
It’s been really good but overabundant (my husband is known for his over-the-top spending and ordering…).  We had it lunch, dinner and lunch again and there is still some leftover.  And then last night we had Indian takeout.

I really need to go shopping and get back to cooking.

Lebanese isn’t the worst food you can imagine from a health standpoint, but too much of anything is bad, and it is often full of olive oil and therefore calories galore.  The Indian food? Don’t even ask…

So I’m heading out to the market this morning to hit the organic stand (despite the cost).  The recent news stories on Chinese chemical contamination scared me.  I’m sure I’ll buy other stuff too, but this week I’m starting there instead of passing other places first and then having sticker shock… When I just go to the organic stand I can kind of fool myself that I don’t know it’s 3x as expensive.

That said, we won’t be  home much this week. I have meetings galore (the types of meetings I usually travel for, only this week they are here in Paris). No lunches at home all week, dinner only twice I think.  And Saturday we’re leaving for a 3 day weekend in London (and then I stay the rest of the week for work).  So I can buy organic to get me through tonight and the few meals during the week.

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