Getting ready to move blogs : your input requested

June 23, 2010 General

I mentioned the other day that I’m going to move my blog, probably this weekend. I wanted to find out what kinds of things you like & dislike on the blogs you read (and write!). I have some diverse interests in the blog world, so I come across a number of different things, but the […]

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Spring Focus : Group check in week 6 of 8

June 22, 2010 General

Spring Focus is advancing – some people have had great results, some have had decent results, and a few have not really been with the program (so it’s like normal life, right?).  This was the lightest percentage of check-ins since we started – maybe next week I’ll organize myself to give you another day to […]

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Spring Focus Group Check In – Week 5 of 8

June 16, 2010 General

So another week done – only 3 left to go in Spring Focus. I’ve been trying to catch up with the posts.  The whole group is 24 people, although there are some who have kind of dropped out (and one who officially did). I think we’re kind of in two camps : Group One : […]

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Spring Focus weekly report-in week 4 of 8

June 9, 2010 General

Wow! We are doing great as a Spring Focus group! I’m proud to be a part of the group, thrilled to be gently pushed towards my goals, and a little in was of all that the group has accomplished. 95% are made progress on some or all of their goals this past week! Since I […]

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Spring Focus Group Report-In

June 2, 2010 General

Well, no one expected it to be all good news, right? Once again the majority of Spring Focus participants had a really good week. But of course, the devil is in the details, and those who faltered (including myself) didn’t help the group numbers at all. 62% Making some or all of their goals This […]

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Up and down

May 30, 2010 General

I’ve been emotionally a bit rocky this week, which of course I expected due to the heartbreak of the miscarriage. Thank you all for the outpouring of support.  It helps. For the most part I’ve been doing well on diet & exercise – as some of you have seen, over the years I have learned […]

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Another Miscarriage

May 27, 2010 General

I am very, very sad. Our gestational carrier (surrogate) had another ultrasound on Tuesday and there was no heartbeat left in our little embryo. We are crushed. I am sad. My husband is sad. The carrier, A, is sad. My mom is sad. It’s just a really sucky situation.  We’ve been though so much to […]

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Spring Focus : We’re doing great!

May 26, 2010 General

Spring is wonderful in so many ways, but for those of us participating in Spring Focus it’s also been a really great way to get ourselves focused on losing some weight right now. We’re doing great! We didn’t have as complete a response as last week, but I didn’t chase people down like I did […]

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Spring Focus Group Success

May 19, 2010 General

A Very Good Start Wow, the Spring Focus group success was better than I’d expected, better even than I’d hoped for. It was good for me (I actually had a full week on plan!) but it was good for almost everyone who signed up too! Beyond Weight Loss Our Spring Focus group checked in on […]

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Still smiling

May 15, 2010 General

Just a quick update today – I don’t want to spend too long on the computer. Springtime in Paris It’s a beautiful Saturday in Paris & we had a nice lunch at a restaurant that has a wonderful greenhouse roof And a walk home under the blooming trees Still smiling I was more than a […]

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A Happy 2010

January 4, 2010 General

I celebrated the changing of the year happily — happy to have my health, happy to have caught the endometrial cancer so early & found an effective treatment so fast, happy to have identified another path to parenthood, happy to have my friends & family, happy to have lost 30 pounds this year, and oh […]

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End of an era

December 3, 2009 General

I’m back to work as of yesterday.  I’ve mentioned before that I am VERY grateful to have a great & understanding boss (and very protective employment laws) at this point of my life.  I’ve been officially off work for about a month, but have been seriously off track since late May when all this endometrial […]

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November 20, 2009 General

So yesterday I went to see my doctor for the post-game wrapup session. The surgical report, see how everything is healing up. Oh yeah, find out about the pathology report which I’ve been trying so hard not to obsess about over the past 2 weeks post-surgery. The healing is going well, especially when I don’t […]

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Getting back to normal

November 16, 2009 General

I’m on the road to recovery pretty solidly now. After Tuesday’s debacle I’ve paid more attention to taking it easy, and my mom had a reminder from her sister (who nursed her after her hysterectomy 20+ yrs ago) of how hard the recovery was & suddenly my mom is insisting I sit down, etc.  The […]

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Overdid it

November 11, 2009 General

Well, as some of you cautioned, I have indeed overdone it. My mom keeps insisting that we go out for a walk every day and I keep going no matter how I feel.  And she believes in making it longer and longer each day.  So yesterday was an hour and twenty minutes and after we […]

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