Thanks for your support

November 9, 2009 General

I think all the collective good will (friends, family, all my eFriends like you all) really helped me. The surgery went well and it’s been an easier recovery than I had feared. They were able to do the hysterectomy via laparoscope, which means far less abdominal cutting, and I was up on my feet about […]

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Off to the hospital

November 2, 2009 General

I am off to the hospital this evening, surgery first thing tomorrow. I’m scared. I’m sad. Mostly I want to put this behind me & hear my doctor tell me that he got it all, there is no more treatment needed, and that everything looked really good – and then to go on to have […]

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In good hands

October 29, 2009 General

This week I’ve been able to realize how much I trust my surgeon, and to really appreciate living in a country where I have great healthcare and don’t need to worry about my insurance company in any way, shape or form.  I recently read a book by TR Reid called The Healing of America which […]

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Gorgeous Blogger Award

October 27, 2009 General

I was hit in this round of meme going around the 3FC blogs last week by gonnabe and fatpants (thanks) and since these days I have enough freaky stuff going on I don’t want to risk bad karma by ditching this, so I’m playing along. Rules: -Include the award on your blog or post -Share […]

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The Dozen Chick

October 6, 2009 General

Update from our IVF : I made a dozen eggs!  That’s a pretty good response for anyone, let alone for a 41 year old chick.  All fertilized, but only 9 fertilized normally (still, 75% is a good rate).  All were in good shape on Day 3 and they froze them all. Yippee!  We also met […]

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A full day of flying

September 27, 2009 General

Yesterday was a full day of flying. I had the presence of mind to buy sliced cheese and salami to take with me on the flight, which was a lifesaver (well, diet-saver) because the meals were not low carb at all and I doubt I’d have made it through the 22 hours of travel without […]

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Weird moods

September 20, 2009 General

I’m not really myself lately.  I can blame it on the hormones, but I suspect that’s too convenient an excuse and it’s really stress coming through. I am incredibly, unbelievably needy with my husband.  I get annoyed with him for nothing, and things I usually do with joy I sometimes feel myself resenting (going shopping, […]

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Yeah, let the shots begin!

September 18, 2009 General

Very ironic that now, after 3 days off the birth control pills, I feel better and more like me, but now I start the hard-core fertility drugs which will probably make the past 2 weeks look like a walk in the park. I was VERY nervous for the past 10 days that something bad would […]

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Whacked out

September 17, 2009 General

I’ve been pretty whacked out these past few days.   If I don’t take sleeping pills I don’t sleep.  I am ornery with my husband, tempermental, bitchy, annoying, needy, and I cry at the drop of a hat.  Who is this person? When is she leaving, because she is getting on my nerves.  My husband isn’t […]

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September 14, 2009 General

I’m kind of spacey and distracted these days. Not on the diet and exercise front – I guess because it’s one of the few areas of my life where I’m really in control, I’m doing really well keeping to low carb eating and getting to the gym pretty regularly. But in my daily life, I’m […]

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Let the whining begin!

September 9, 2009 General

I begin with a disclaimer : I am going to be whining in this post.  And in fact, I am likely to be whining in the next several posts. But I need a place to vent and this blog (which once upon a time was only about my weight) is it. I’ll start with the […]

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Creative brains needed

September 6, 2009 General

I think most regular readers of my blog know that the last few months have been a bit overwhelming.  I was gearing up for IVF at one of the top worldwide centers when instead of finding myself finally pregnant, I found a cancer diagnosis.  It’s been a pretty rough ride, but the good side is […]

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Progress all around

August 19, 2009 General

I’m making progress on many fronts these past few days : I’m back on the low-carb diet hard core these past 3 days and the scale is showing it, so next week’s weigh in should be a good reflection of where I really am, in that the carb bloat should be gone by then.  I’ve […]

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Reaction to stress? Eat

August 13, 2009 General

I am a creature of habit.  One of my top coping mechanisms for stress is to eat. I’m on vacation.  I am not supposed to be stressed, but every time I have to dive back into the medical issues of this stupid endometrial cancer, there it is. Things seemed to be going well – I […]

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July 23, 2009 General

NOTE : apologies for those reading just for the weight updates … the endometrial cancer diagnosis of May 25th has sent my life into a tailspin and it’s not been possible for me to separate out the weight and these other issues.  That’s true on a daily basis, and it’s true again in today’s post. […]

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