July 19, 2009 General

I am almost at a weight milestone.  The scale has shown numbers all over a 5 pound range this week, but I’ll live with what show up tomorrow as my ‘official’ number.  We were out of town for this week’s weigh in and I didn’t weigh the day we got back, so this will be […]

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July 8, 2009 General

I guess that’s the best word for my current emotional state : wobbly. Actually, I’m doing okay on a number of fronts, but I am way out of it where work is concerned.  It’s like a switch of what matters and doesn’t has been hit, and I just can’t get myself to focus on the […]

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Not a straight path

July 4, 2009 General

Last night I had a stupid fight with my husband over almost nothing.  In reality, it was that I was wanting to be comforted and he was wanting me to be “normal”.  It took me several hours to realize how anxious I was in general – my mind whirring at a million miles an hour.  […]

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Another day, another doctor

July 3, 2009 General

I saw another doctor yesterday for a second opinion on the course of treatment.  Of course, just because this isn’t confusing enough, her opinon was different from the other doctor – her suggestion is a hysterectomy right away, but letting me keep my ovaries.  After the hysterectomy then I could to IVF stimulation, collect the […]

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July 1, 2009 General

Monday (when I wrote my last post) was my first really good day in the month since I’ve been diagnosed.  I had a plan, I felt hopeful, physically I was on the mend, etc.  I had an appointment with the general oncologist at the end of the day that I was so close to cancelling […]

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Doin’ okay

June 29, 2009 General

I’m doing okay these days. It’s not always easy, it’s not linear, it’s not perfect, but it’s okay. I’ve lost another pound this week, again pretty effortlessly.  I am still so amazed that I am not hungry while I eat this carb-restricted way.  That I can put lots of oil on my salad. Eat meat […]

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A new normal

June 25, 2009 General

I have to assume the way I’ve experienced the diagnosis of cancer this past month is pretty usual, maybe even better than many people, and I have to say it’s a sobering thought. Initially I was in such a fog of fear that I couldn’t process anything.  If I was taking action I was okay, […]

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Best news we could hope for

June 23, 2009 General

Today we got the best news we could hope for given what’s been going on since May 25th. The abdominal wash to find cancerous cells found NOTHING (yeah!) and the D&C material had only one small cancerous lesion, leaving me diagnosed with cancer but with Stage 0 which if you know anything about cancer is […]

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One pound down

June 22, 2009 General

I am one pound down today after not having weighed in last week due to being out of town at a fabulous (NOT DIET) break, and then going in for surgery Monday night (NOT DIET either, but waaaaayyyyyy less fun). The surgery itself was actually pretty easy to bounce back from.  If you are squirmish […]

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sad and scared

June 19, 2009 General

Tonight I am very sad and very scared. I am sad because I am realizing that in all likelihood I will never have a child, and this has been my dearest dream for many many years.  Wanting children together has been a foundation of my marriage, and I am not so sure that my marriage […]

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Out of the hospital, into the waiting

June 17, 2009 General

The hospital visit turned out to be quick – I was out about 36 hours after surgery (which in the US would be a long time for what I had done, but here in France they usually keep you longer). Surgery went well.  My big belly made the laparascopic pelvic part harder for them, but […]

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Kind of stuck again

March 2, 2009 General

I’m kind of stuck again.  A lot is going on in my life, and I don’t seem to be able to find the mental bandwith for dieting right now. Exercise when in Paris went much better in February… if I was home more things would be easier overall. Thanks for those who’ve come checking in […]

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How do you read blogs? In a reader, of course

December 16, 2008 General

I used to have tons of bookmarks. Then I had a huge, long blogroll. Every so often I’d have to go back and clean these things up, because well, diet bloggers stop blogging sometimes (we know what that means!) and other blogs and sites lose my interest. My bookmarks become a mess, my blogroll is […]

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Wanted : your good wishes, prayers, thoughts, etc

December 10, 2008 General

Well, I have been quietly gearing up for a frozen embryo transfer which is scheduled to take place on Thursday.  Please keep me in mind as you send out good karma, pray, or just think nice thoughts for others.  The embryos from my IVF in July will be defrosted (Wednesday, I guess) and then transferred […]

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A good start

November 18, 2008 General

I am happy to report that I am off to a good start. I had considered the 4 days at home without my husband as a huge opportunity to get back in control of my diet, and I did it.  (I had also wanted to go back to exercise and I didn’t but hey, let’s […]

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