Not so great

April 13, 2008 General

This week was not so great but I’m back trying beginning tomorrow (and today wasn’t so bad…)

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Two good days

March 3, 2008 General

I had a good day today eating-wise, which has not been the case for quite some time. I actually had a good day yesterday when I think about it (well, except breakfast so let’s not count that), so let’s say I’m in my second good day. Considering that in the past many weeks I don’t […]

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January 30, 2008 General

I was diagnosed yesterday with my first-ever urinary track infection (UTI). Not fun. I’ve been having symptoms off and on for over a week, but steadily for the past 4 days and yesterday afternoon they got worse so I finally caved in and saw the doctor. For those of you who’ve had UTIs, you know […]

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Slacking off…

January 29, 2008 General

I have been slacking off. It all starts where it always does – I’ve not been keeping my food diary for the past 8 days. I am such a bad girl. It’s always fine for about a week, and then…. one little bite becomes two. No accountability, no visibility. Slowly the old habits reassert themselves. […]

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Busy busy

January 21, 2008 General

I have been busy busy but I’m still on track. In fact, I’ve been doing really well most of the time and I’m bursting w great blog ideas, but don’t have time for them to take form right now, so this is just a quick update. In the past few days I have been the […]

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Questions and comments

December 23, 2007 General

I’ve had several questions and comments recently that I wanted to reply to, and I’m doing so in no particular order : On being in France & food temptations. This is a typical comment : “If I was faced with your food temptations I hate to see how fat I would be.” The first thing […]

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Stomach flu – blech!

December 4, 2007 General

Yesterday I awoke feeling kind of a grumbling feeling in my tummy. I’d had a light dinner, and had taken my iron pills early, so I thought it might be one of those things. I was working on the computer and had breakfast a bit later than usual. My usual, oatmeal w milk. For the […]

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uhh… the dog ate my homework

November 28, 2007 General

I have an appointment tomorrow with Dr Hope and I haven’t done my homework. I am a bad girl. I have been thinking a lot, and eating well (except the weekend), and doing some walking, and finally feeling better physically, and keeping a food diary, but I did not do her exercise of rating my […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2007 General

I just wanted to wish all of you Americans a Happy Thanksgiving. I am not doing Thanksgiving this year (although some years I have done it in France). I’ve been following all the stuff on the net about recipes for pie, dressing, turkey and sides, and all the stress of so many on how to […]

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I always thought of myself as an optimist

November 12, 2007 General

… but this quiz classifies me as a realist. I guess I am probably more realistic than anything else, but I do try to see the positive in situations. You Are a Realist You don’t see the glass as half empty or half full. You see what’s exactly in the glass.You never try to make […]

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what I’m thinking about…

August 19, 2007 General

Mindless Eating – I have the audiobook, and the ideas are really churning away in my head…  Definitely helpful in the ‘no stress approach to weight loss’

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Impossible Beauty

July 20, 2007 General

I am from a family of raging liberals but I’ve always been pretty middle-of-the road (well, compared to them, at least). But I think I’ve found an issue that just might turn me into an activist – this idiotic media-created IMPOSSIBLE image of what is supposed to be “Beautiful”. This is a photo-montage showing Faith […]

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Sciatica :-(

July 18, 2007 General

Do you know what sciatica is? 3 months ago I didn’t, I would have known pain, in the leg, vaguely connected to the back, but that’s about it. Now, I can debate treatment protocols with university professors. Sciatica is a condition caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve, which is usually caused by a problem […]

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