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Follow Through

January 5, 2012

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Today I read something that resonated with me more deeply than anything I’ve come across regarding weight loss in the past year or more.

That the problem with failing to meet your goals is probably not your motivation, but rather your follow through.

Of course, as a person who has lost and regained many times in the past decades that resonated with me.

I’ve lost many times and I know I have the motivation to do it.

I’ve been successful in the past, and I know HOW to do it.

Sometimes I’ve followed through, and sometimes I haven’t.

Last Spring I completely let go of managing my weight for a few months and rapidly regained a big chunk of weight.  I then spent the last several months of the year successfully chipping away at losing it again.  I ended the year almost exactly where I’d started it, despite the fact that over the course of 2011 I  lost at least 50 pounds.  Sound familiar?  Yeah, I did the same thing in 2010.

So Follow Through is something I clearly need to work on, not just in the “losing it” phases of life, but also in the maintenance times.  I have a lot of thinking (and writing) to do on this.

In addition to sparking the thought on the importance of “Follow Through”, the article also has a number of good ideas about how to enhance it.

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