Low Stress Weight Loss

I’ve stopped counting calories

December 12, 2007 Low Stress Weight Loss

I’ve stopped calorie counting. I’ve been counting calories since I’ve been back on track (this is now the 6th week back on track). It wasn’t so much a decision to count calories as a decision to use an online food journal which automatically gives you the calorie counts. Still, an old-hand at dieting like me […]

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Homework #1 for Dr Hope

November 19, 2007 Low Stress Weight Loss

Ok, Dr Hope gave me 3 homework assignments and I promised I’d share them : Assignment 1: The first is to re-trace my weight history. Largely that’s in my “about” page so I won’t bore you all with it. I’ve been fat since I was a kid and I never got skinny. I had some […]

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People are living what I want to achieve

November 19, 2007 Low Stress Weight Loss

As I read others’ stories and blogs I am often overcome by the similarity of our struggles and sometimes in awe of the strength of some of you. Today I came across a post of AngelFood, who last week accomplished what I am aiming for – a good week, without too much stress, and real […]

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A good distraction

November 16, 2007 Low Stress Weight Loss

Focusing on eating healthy and getting a small amount of exercise has been a good distraction from a really awful period in my life. I’m still going through a miscarriage, and now am bleeding way too much and the doctor just gave me new drugs which are supposed to stop the bleeding. I thank those […]

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Dr. Hope

November 15, 2007 Low Stress Weight Loss

Today I had a doctor’s appointment I made quite a while ago, well before I’d decided to re-start. My doc had noticed the weight I’d gained since my back surgery and was none too pleased, and gave me the name of a “nutritionniste” which is a diet doctor – but a real M.D. I was […]

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Zen Weight Management

July 17, 2007 Low Stress Weight Loss

Losing weight is hard. Somehow that fact gets lost or hidden among all the fancy media and diet industry. It’s always “lose weight the easy way” and “isn’t it a shame…” discussions about obesity. When I have managed to lose weight it is always with enormous effort and focus. Almost an obsession in my life, […]

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