February 14, 2012

Sultan Reward

I’ve been giving myself rewards again during this focused Reasonable Diet 12 week program.

I bought an arts magazine

I bought a book on art that I wanted

I bought myself a nice little notebook to put my daily food journal in, since the paper food journal has been working really well for me, and I need to continue for another 2 months.

I bought some yoga blocks, since I’m flexibility-challenged but have started doing short sessions of yoga with my son at my feet (and crawling over my belly too)

Every week I’m spending around €10 for a gift of encouragement, something to reinforce the efforts I’ve been making, something a bit more concrete than numbers that might or might not decrease on the scale.

I’ve found it nice, motivating, supportive and encouraging – just the thing to help keep a positive mindset in place for this diet journey.

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Ongoing Attention Needed For Long Term Weight Control

January 20, 2012 Motivate

Attention and Weight Control I’m coming to accept that I will forever need to pay attention to my weight. To lose, of course I’ve accepted that. And I’ve accepted that I need to pay considerably more attention than I have paid in the past. But even after the losing is over (and it will be, […]

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January 15, 2012 Motivate

I added in another trick from my past to this week. When I was successful in losing almost a decade ago, one of the things I did was to have a weekly reward if I reached my behavior goals (diet and exercise). I didn’t tie it to weight loss, because it’s too depressing already to […]

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The Intention To Lose Weight

January 13, 2012 Motivate

This week my main focus has been simple, and hard. Eating with the intention of losing weight. The overarching theme of the week though has mainly been about my vision, my intention. I’m really clear about where I want to get, and the reality that getting there will require doing things quite differently.  For the […]

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Losing Weight Takes Attention

November 21, 2011 Low Stress Weight Loss

I’ve wished and wished that I could be someone who could manage my weight without paying much attention to it, but I’ve come to realize that’s just a wish. If I don’t pay attention, I’m actively gaining.  If I pay a little attention but not too much I can maintain without much effort, which is […]

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The Cycle of Dieting : Steady State Blahs

October 31, 2011 Motivate

I think there is a cycle to dieting.  We start out all revved up for the new plan (in my case, usually with several false starts before one sticks).  Then the early days of struggle, followed by a whoosh on the scale that makes us stick it out for a few weeks.  After that, gradually, […]

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Keep On Truckin’

January 24, 2011 Motivate

Of all the weight loss advice you can ever get, nothing probably is more true than to keep trying. Anyone reading a weight loss blog can probably relate to the number of times that life gets in the way of that weight loss goal.   I suspect the biggest difference between those who stay obese forever […]

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Make The Pledge : No Gain Holidays

November 22, 2010 Motivate

This week marks the kickoff of the Holiday season for most of us.  In the US it’s Thanksgiving this week, and even here in France all my junk emails seem to start with pleas for holiday spending. The Weight Gain Season I’m sure you know that most people gain weight over the holidays.  Estimates range […]

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Where Are You Spending Your Limited Self Control?

November 17, 2010 Featured

Did You Know Self Control Is A Limited Resource? I don’t know about you, but I grew up believing that I could do almost anything (including lose weight) if only I brought enough “Willpower” (aka “self-control”) to the task. I held this belief for a really long time.  Every time I failed or faltered on […]

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Habits : From Cobwebs to Cables

November 3, 2010 Featured

photo credit: ShellyS Habits are everywhere Good and bad, useful and useless, helpful and destructive, we all live with multitudes of habits from the moment we wake until we drift off, and from birth through death. Habits allow actions to become automatic, therefore reducing active thinking on things we do often.  We brush our teeth, […]

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What You Should Focus On

October 20, 2010 Motivate

I recently came across this sketch by Carl Richards of (image and text used with permission) Carl’s work focuses on helping people to develop smart investing behavior and “how our relationship with money and what we choose to value can impact our lives.”  His website is based around hand-drawn sketches that illustrate financial truths, […]

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Every Path Has It’s Puddle

September 2, 2010 Motivate

My path for my weight is about “Low Stress” weight loss. My path means there will be detours and pauses, even some back-tracking.  As long as the big picture general trend is gently downwards, I’m cool with it. I love the quote above : “Every path has it’s puddle” — It’s an English proverb.  For […]

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One More Reason To Focus On Achievable Goals

August 12, 2010 Motivate

Two Extremes of Goals When you set goals you can set Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals or you can set Easily Achievable Goals. photo credit: Eustaquio Santimano Overall in life, both have important roles to play, but in my opinion, for weight loss, Achievable Goals are more important. Actually, I have nothing against Big Hairy Audacious […]

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7 Ways to Make Back-to-School Into Back-to-Weight-Loss

August 9, 2010 Featured

It’s Back-to-School time, and that means another more than marking of the passage of time, more than getting the kids out of your hair. If you’re interested in weight loss, it can be a great opportunity for getting back on track. 7 ways you can make Back-to-School into Back-to-Weight-Loss 1) Grab the opportunity for another […]

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A Three Year Commitment to Myself and to My Weight

August 6, 2010 Featured

Anything worthwhile certainly takes a while. – Fred Rogers photo credit: Spooky Momma For a while now, I’ve been thinking about the long-term view about my weight.  I re-traced my weight history and saw the big picture.  I thought about the regain cycle I’ve been through too many times. I’ve accepted that long-term weight control […]

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