Body Weight Set Points

July 21, 2010 Featured

Do you believe in set points to your weight? Do you believe in the set points theory for your weight?  Certain weights at which your body just gets comfortable & really fights moving beyond.  This can be up or down. I dug around and found several different articles and a simple summary (from MIT, no […]

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I work with a Big Woman

July 20, 2010 Motivate

I work with a Big woman. Like probably above 300 pounds big. photo credit: Spree2010 (that’s not her, by the way!) She reminds me so much of myself at my heaviest – it hurts me deeply to watch her. She’s great at her job.  A really nice person, and a great model for communication – […]

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Why I Do This Here W.I.D.T.H.

July 10, 2010 Motivate

Do you know Jack? Jack has what I think is the most hilarious weight loss blog out there.  In addition to his funny guy posts, he’s got a great & unique style, using his webcam & about a zillion index cards, and he started a series called “Why I Do This Here” W.I.D.T.H. I finally […]

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Motivation for my next mini-goal

June 11, 2010 Motivate

My next weight loss goal is 189. It’s hard to write that number as a Goal because a few months ago I was safely below that and reaching for 183 (my wedding weight).  But the truth is, I’ve been hanging out in the 190s for over 2 months and I can’t wish that fact away.  […]

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Would you be more successful if you were paid to lose weight?

June 3, 2010 Motivate

What if you were paid to do what you want to do anyway? Companies are starting to pay their employees to successfully lose weight, exercise & do other healthy behaviors. This article says that the money involved is between $100-500 a year – which isn’t enough to pay for a family vacation, but it could […]

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Spring Focus Goals

May 16, 2010 Motivate

We are growing as a Spring Focus group, and that’s great! There are now over 20 of us, and we’re committed to staying focused until July 4th (and beyond, of course). You’re welcome to join – we’ve had people joining every day so don’t feel like you missed out – just leave a comment here. […]

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Strategies for Getting Back on Track

May 13, 2010 Featured

When I am first getting back on track for weight loss after a while off I have two major strategies. Go hard & heavy, giving everything I’ve got & letting the whoosh of the scale motivate me to keep going.  This works well when I’ve only been off track for a few days or a […]

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It’s mainly a head game, isn’t it?

May 12, 2010 Motivate

Yesterday I was catching up on updating my weight log. I have this recent goal of weighing in daily just to help keep me focused for the next few days, but more recently I’ve been weighing weekly.  Even when I do get on the scale daily I don’t write it down except for that once-a-week […]

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The danger of the scale

May 11, 2010 Motivate

I did well yesterday with my small babysteps goals. Yesterday I announced 3 goals for the next few days, and not only did I do well on them, I even went a bit above and beyond. 1) Eat healthy, balanced, foods but not write anything down I ate really well yesterday.  Made a healthy salad […]

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Spring Focus Peer Group

May 4, 2010 Motivate

It’s time to get Serious A few posts back I mentioned that it seemed there were a lot of us talking about getting serious this Springtime.  Several people chimed in that they wanted to join in, so I’m trying to figure out how we can help each other.  You don’t need to be starting, or […]

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Back to Weight Loss Mode

May 1, 2010 Motivate

Ahhh I am now back to weight loss mode. (and yes, still smiling!) We landed Wednesday & I was actually back in weight loss mode immediately, but then my husband suggested we go to a fancy restaurant that night to celebrate the successful embryos & eat good French food & how could I resist? My […]

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Water & a walk

April 21, 2010 Motivate

Getting back on track for me is often a build-up process.  Eventually I have enough good habits back in place that things click over to mainly healthy & suddenly I’m back on track without much stress, but I’ve learned that the way to get there is just to figure out some of the smaller steps […]

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Half a pound

February 23, 2010 Motivate

Well, as is always the case when I don’t post my weigh-in results on a Monday, I didn’t like what I saw.  I give myself a weigh-in do-over on Tuesdays when the Monday number isn’t to my liking.  If Tuesday is no better, I suck it up and write it down. This week I *did* […]

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February 10, 2010 Motivate

That’s not me, and those aren’t my rings, but it’s starting to be a possibility. I’ve always had fat hands, fat fingers.  I’ve blogged about it, because the fat of my fingers was problematic as I gained wait.  Most of my life I avoided wearing rings. Then I met my husband. Way before we got […]

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Being Patient (another way to say “Stalled”)

February 1, 2010 Motivate

Well, for two weeks now my weight is not moving down.  My food hasn’t really changed, I just think my body is doing what it often does after a decent drop a few weeks in a row — hanging on to every pound for dear life. In fact, my weight has been up several pounds […]

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