At the gates of Onederland

July 20, 2009 Motivate

This morning I weighed in at 200.  That’s a 21 pound loss since March, with a steady one-pound loss most weeks.  And no hunger, no stress.  Not a lot of exercise.  No bread, pasta, rice, potatoes or sugar.  Well, one weekend of indulgence, and a few bites here and there, but 100% out of my […]

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Not weighing in this week

June 14, 2009 Motivate

I’ve decided not to weigh in this week.  I’m still following my low-carb diet, still enjoying the fact that I’m almost never hungry, and certainly less worried about ‘when do I eat’ than before. But Sunday we are going to the fabulous chateau in Champagne for lunch and dinner. It’s our anniversary.  The chef has 3 […]

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big drop this week

June 1, 2009 Motivate

Had a big drop this week, which I suspect is due to the fact that I was mainly too worried to eat all week, plus the post-period weight drop, along with the fact that the scale owed me for several weeks. It’s small comfort given everything else, it’s hard to even compare thinking about weight […]

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May 25, 2009 Motivate

Okay, I have to admit the not losing weight thing is getting a bit frustrating. I’m up one pound today after staying the same last week.  For the last few weeks in fact. There are a few things that could be going on : – Maybe the extra period weight is still hanging around (would […]

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Weight is steady…

May 18, 2009 Motivate

My weight was 211 on Monday May 4th and when I got home on Friday I was disappointed it was only 210. I should have taken the one pound victory, because both yesterday and today the scale read 211. Since Mondays are my official weigh in day, I entered it into my tracker, so posting […]

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I think I’m losing inches more than weight…

May 15, 2009 Motivate

Having been away from home for almost 2 weeks I was so anxious to weigh in I did it last night.  Never mind that I know better, that I know we weigh more at night, that I am pretty confident that my small amount of gelato was the only real cheat I’ve had in 6 […]

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That makes 10!

May 4, 2009 Motivate

Another of those horrid pounds was gone today, bringing me to 10 down in about 7 weeks, which is pretty fast for me.  I’m quite happy. I’m heading into my 4th week of restricted carbohydrate eating and I really think there is a difference in terms of hunger, blood sugar dips and probably calories in […]

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The groove

May 3, 2009 Motivate

You know how when you diet you find your groove at some point?  And suddenly choices are easier, you feel good, you have some momentum behind you and you feel like even though you have a long road ahead you can actually make it? Well, I’m in the groove now. It’s my first-ever restricted-carbohydrate groove, […]

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-1 more !

April 27, 2009 Motivate

The scale showed another pound gone this morning, bringing my total to -9 pounds in 6 weeks, 3 of which I’ve been doing restricted-carbohydrates instead of Weight Watchers which is what I intially jumped in with. I’m pleased with the progress, even more pleased with the process.  Other than eating strawberries fairly frequently and not […]

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No kidding, it’s helping

March 17, 2009 Motivate

Okay, okay, maybe it’s just the newness, but who cares? I’ve not been upbeat about something for a while so even though it’s just Day 2 I’m celebrating it. There are lots of small ways this Weight Watchers Online thing is helping me.  Part is the structure, for sure.  I’m using the online food tracker […]

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March 16, 2009 Motivate

I am feeling so relieved that I’ve taken action.  It’s only one day, but still, it’s a big improvement. I made many healthy choices all day, despite tough circumstances and temptations galore. We had 3/4 of a leftover pannettone, I made oatmeal. We had leftover Indian food, I reheated frozen soup. We have cookies and […]

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I think I’m almost ready

March 11, 2009 Motivate

I think I’m almost ready to get serious.  It’s been building for a while but it’s starting to solidify.  I had the opportunity recently to hear the top brass of Weight Watchers give a talk in which they explained the whys of their program (in a professional context, not a selling one) and it was […]

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February 2, 2009 Motivate

That about sums up my current weight situation – UGLY. I am working too much, traveling WAY too much.  Tired when I get home and not feeling like pushing myself to the gym. All in all, it’s not good. I am, however, still keeping my eye on the prize, even if right now I don’t […]

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The scale is moving in the right direction

January 5, 2009 Motivate

The scale is moving in the right direction.  Although I step on the little bugger every morning, I really consider my Monday weigh-ins the official ones, as day-to-day weights fluctuate quite a bit. My last Monday I was on my home scale was 3 weeks ago, and today’s weight (which has been pretty consistent these […]

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I hate my weight

November 4, 2008 Motivate

Well, SCARY NUMBER is back again, and I’m not surprised. I’ve been eating poorly in general, although not catastrophic.  More like ‘maintain heavy weight’ eating vs ‘gain even more’ eating. Still, it’s the wrong direction.  We ate way too much takeout over the weekend – from Friday lunch to Sunday dinner it was all takeout.  […]

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