Weekly weight loss plan for the week of July 26th

July 26, 2010 Plan

Assessment of the past week: Decent.  I enjoyed traveling less.  I enjoyed when I did travel too, which is a good combination.  I went on a really nice walk in Germany, and I had a great session at the gym yesterday.  I had some weird virus Friday and Saturday and felt pretty blah, but still […]

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Great Advice : Plan to Fail

July 24, 2010 Plan

I was catching up on some reading today and I came across a nice post on change, which of course is a topic which always interests me. What really struck me was the almost-throwaway last paragraph : “One last note, to anyone making changes: you will fail. I don’t say that to discourage you, but […]

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Weekly weight loss plan for the week of July 19th

July 19, 2010 Plan

Assessment of the past week: Well, traveling was harder than being home, as I expected.  About half of the time that I travel I go regularly to the same locations, and that makes things easier – I know where the landmines are & I can plan accordingly.  Switzerland is going to be one of those […]

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Weight Loss Plan : week of July 12th

July 12, 2010 Plan

Assessment of the past week: Being home for a whole week makes a big difference – it’s SO MUCH easier to eat well & exercise regularly when you can control your environment (I’m not the only one who thinks so)!  I’d like to think if I had this kind of schedule all the time I’d […]

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Weight Loss Plan : week of July 5th

July 6, 2010 Plan

Guess who’s sportin’ a new purse? Yup, I reached 189 today!  I used my “do-over” weigh in after yesterday’s crazy early wake-up, and the scale was solidly at 189.  I even have photographic evidence : I’m thrilled.  Yesterday I posted this slightly premature “Dear John” letter about ending my love affair with the 190s but wasn’t sure I’d […]

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Get More Exercise : Plateau Action Plan

July 2, 2010 Move

Scale is stuck I guess I’m not technically in a Plateau, since I did lose weight last week, but the enormous frustration of being one measly pound away from my mini-goal of 189 (and that purse) & instead seeing the scale go UP instead of down (or even staying the same) despite a good week […]

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Weight Loss Plan : week of June 28th

June 29, 2010 Plan

Assessment of the past week: I am quite frustrated with my weight right now – despite a pretty decent weekend and a very good week, my weight is not moving down. That purse I have set as my motivation & reward for breaking 190 will have to wait another week. Drat, I would have liked […]

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Weekend Weight Loss Plan for the last June weekend

June 25, 2010 Plan

Better weekends equal better weight loss Last Friday I had a few comments on my weekend plan post that made me realize this could be a really effective way for ALL of us to have a better weigh in. So my challenge to you : comment here It’s simple : think about what you’re facing […]

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Weekly Plan for the week of June 21st

June 21, 2010 Plan

Assessment of the past week: I had a better week last week in general.  Less stress, less travel, a little less uncertainty on the “next job” situation (although still not completely resolved). I’m starting to think about what else I might do to get my weight down more. That in itself if a huge step […]

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Weekend Plan for June 18-20th

June 18, 2010 Plan

Well, I’m actually home for 4 days in a row and couldn’t be happier about it!  Unlike last weekend I’m not arriving home exhausted late on a Friday, nor taking a super-early flight on Monday, so I can actually relax and enjoy myself. I’m also anxious to get my new purse so I want to […]

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Weekly Plan for the Week of June 14th

June 14, 2010 Plan

Assessment of the past week: Well, it was a really hard week work-wise, travel-wise, stress-wise but amazingly not diet-wise.  I’d spent enough weeks getting back on track that a big week of difficulty was able to be dealt with successfully & I feel great about that. I had decided to suck it up & keep […]

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Weekly Plan for the Week of June 7th

June 7, 2010 Plan

Assessment of the past week: Despite a lot of travel & despite still being pretty sad about the recent miscarriage, I had a good week.  Not just in terms of weight loss, but also in the fundamental underlying healthy behaviors & more importantly in terms of feeling good & positive about my life in general. […]

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Weekly plan for the week of May 31st

May 31, 2010 Plan

Well, last week royally sucked with getting news of another miscarriage. Despite that, on a weight loss front the week was pretty decent.  Not all straight and narrow, but the things that were not really on plan were mainly due to circumstances, not sadness. I guess that “Settling In” (which I will expand on in […]

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Weight Loss Weekly Plan for May 25th

May 25, 2010 Plan

This past week had one major significant diet event, and it wasn’t my weight loss.  It was the feeling of “settling in” to dieting life which came peacefully over me.  Welcome back, is all I can say to that! Strangely enough, this occurred as the scale went up, not down.  I’m up 2 1/2 pounds […]

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Long holiday weekend, take two

May 21, 2010 Plan

We are off on another holiday weekend tomorrow.  A good friend is joining our little family trip to the South of France.  We have Monday off as a national holiday, and we all took Friday afternoon as well so we can travel slightly ahead of the crowds. The Plan for the Weekend For my weight […]

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