Weekly Weight Loss Plan : Week of May 17th

May 17, 2010 Plan

How did the week go? I’m really pleased to have gotten through a solid week of being on-track.   I set my goals very small last week because just “jumping back in” had failed twice since I’d come back from the States. So last Monday I made a plan only through Wednesday, and then planned again […]

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Very very small babysteps back on track

May 10, 2010 Featured

I am struggling. I was off in eating-it-all land for too long for it to be easy to slip back into control. I have been off exercise even longer, and it’s appearing even harder than getting diet under control. I seriously frustrated myself this weekend – after 4 really good days while I was traveling, […]

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I’ll start with Water, but I’ll start

April 19, 2010 Plan

I’m finally catching up with some of the blogs and I keep leaving comments about how I’m really off track (I am) and how I am just ‘thinking about’ “when” and “if” I might get back on track.  Or track down an Oreo McFlurry. I sound pathetically wishy-washy to myself and I need a plan. […]

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Another weekly plan

March 23, 2010 Plan

Well, it’s not Monday (yesterday we were still out of town) but I’m actually glad to be a day late on the Weekly Plan, because I’ve been a bit less motivated these past few days. Last week exercise did not go well (I was very busy with traveling).  Eating over the weekend was on the […]

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Plan for the weekend of March 19th

March 19, 2010 Plan

Whew, I’ve gotten through the week without any major detours to my diet.  Food has been good, exercise has been pretty absent, but moving between cities every day I wasn’t expecting much. I fly home to Paris this afternoon, have a ton of things to take care of at home tonight, and then we head […]

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Weekly Weight Loss Plan : Week of March 15th

March 15, 2010 Plan

How did the week go? The week was okay.  The scale is not showing any change, but I’m letting the scale do it’s thing for right now while I just worry about eating well and regular exercise, and I’ll put more emphasis on the scale again in about a month. I feel like I could […]

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Getting ready for another weekend

March 13, 2010 Plan

I think it’s the cold gray weather – I’m feeling kind of blah.  I’m ready for Spring.  I see ads with women wearing shorts in the metro station these days.  There are some crocuses in my front yard that seem to be optimistic, pushing their thin green stalks up. I feel like a sunny vacation […]

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Weekly Weight Loss Plan : Week of March 8th

March 8, 2010 Plan

How did the week go? All things considered, I had a good week.  I got on the scale today showing no change in my weight, but my body is bloated from monthly hormones & I had a bit of indulgence on Saturday. It’s Just a Number Although I suspect the scale might be kinder tomorrow, […]

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Weekly Plan : Week of March 1st

March 1, 2010 Plan

How did the week go? I had a decent week.  Mid-week challenges were indeed challenging, but nothing disastrous, and I put into practice “Forgive yourself & move on” on two consecutive nights.  Let’s just say I was shaking up my metabolism to make sure I wasn’t in the deprivation zone too much.  And eating some […]

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I need a bit more focus

February 26, 2010 Plan

This week has been a bit more challenging than is ideal.  Last week went much smoother, even though I was traveling, probably because I was doing more checking in with myself.  I probably need to work on that. Last weekend worked out well in large part because I planned for it on Friday, so I’m […]

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Weekly plan for the week of Feb 22nd

February 22, 2010 Plan

Well, my weekend was a success and this week should be okay now that I’ve thought it through. Challenges, solutions & focus opportunities : The coming week has plenty of challenges – two dinners out, one at a restaurant (which is manageable) the other at someone’s house (much less manageable).  For the dinner at the […]

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Focused weekend

February 20, 2010 Plan

I’ve had a decent week.  Pretty much stuck to healthy eating but exercise was lacking.  I’ve done well on the Relaxing front, and it really helps me mentally to link that in to my whole ‘healthy living’ mindset. I also pushed the scale under the bathroom vanity this morning.  It’s going to come out only […]

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Another week, Another Plan

February 15, 2010 Plan

Well, not only is the weekly planning cycle working well for me, it seems like the “week of relaxing” was exactly what I needed — the plateau busted, I lost a pound. That brings my total weight loss to -35 pounds since starting on this round of weight loss.  Today the scale showed 186, putting […]

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Another week, another plan

January 25, 2010 Plan

Well, Planning for last week paid off big-time. My trip to Munich (sorry folks, nowhere fancy!) was frankly rather uneventful.  I kept to my diet perfectly (although did need to dig into my planned snacks of nuts or salami a few times).  I ate the same breakfast every day, and muddled through lunches as best […]

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A Challenging Week — and a Plan

January 18, 2010 Plan

Well, this week I head out on a full week of travel.  It will be a Challenging Week.  Last week I had one trip (a second one got canceled) but there is a world of difference between being gone one night vs being gone 4. I’ve made some decisions on how I’ll handle certain things.  […]

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