No-Gain Holidays

January 11, 2010 Plan

Well, a week after starting back into my diet, I can officially say I managed no-gain holidays. I lost 5 pounds this week, which exactly matches the slow creep up from late November to after New Year’s Day.  I had spent a few weeks at 189 before my weight drifted up a bit for the […]

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Lose It on iPhone (or iPod Touch)

January 6, 2010 Plan

I’ve had an app on my iPhone for a while now called Lose It which is basically a calorie (and carbs!) counting software, like FitDay for your iPhone.  It has a good database & is pretty easy to use, having lists of favorites & the ability to copy meals from previous days (am I the […]

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December 29, 2009 Plan

I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted last week – I actually will check the drafts since I thought I had… My weight on the 21st was 191 and was again today — today’s stable weight being a fluke since I had a 36 hour period of carbs over the weekend — planned, in fact for […]

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December 14, 2009 Plan

Well, my weight is still at 190, which means another week of the same.  I did get more focused, and generally cut back in a few areas, but also realized that mentally I’m not really ready for a big diet push right now.  As some of you pointed out in the comments from my previous […]

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Still somewhere in OneDerland (and California)

August 11, 2009 Plan

Assuming the scale in the Clement Monterey Intercontinental fitness center was not way off, I’m still in Onederland.  Barely. Our third stop this trip was a house we swapped in San Diego (friend of my brother’s, who will use our house in Paris next summer).  He had a bathroom scale that showed dreamy numbers … […]

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Fun in the sun

August 6, 2009 Plan

I wouldn’t say our vacation has been terribly relaxing nor very strenuous, but it’s been fun so far.  We’re now about halfway through. My diet is going great, however.  I had one of my planned treats – Cold Stone ice cream (sweet cream with pecans and roasted almonds) a few nights ago (didn’t finish it […]

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Vacation training wheels

July 13, 2009 Plan

We are having a nice long holiday weekend here in France (July 14th is the French national holiday, so it’s a 4 day weekend this year). We are also leaving for our 3 week summer holiday in 2 weeks, so I decided to approach this little vacation as my ‘training wheels’ time for the big […]

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4 down

March 25, 2009 Plan

I lost 4 pounds on Monday, which is a good first week.  And I’m still doing well, finding the Weight Watchers approach helpful but not overwhelming, structure useful and not constraining.  I ate a chocolate chick today without any worries.  I had a day yesterday of hotel breakfast, buffet working lunch, and dinner with a […]

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Even with the weekend, it’s going well

March 22, 2009 Plan

My first week on Weight Watchers Online has gone really well. I have a lot of challenges – but we all do, and in the end they are just excuses, they are the context of our lives, and we live within that – it’s just the weight we carry in that context that can change. […]

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I signed up for Weight Watchers online!

March 15, 2009 Plan

I finally did it, I must have visted the site 6 times since I thought about it, but today I finally took the bull by the horns and did it. I’m starting tomorrow morning (although I’m not doing a food fest today) because Monday morning weigh ins feel best for me. I’m hoping the online […]

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Not straight and narrow, but I think it’s the path

February 19, 2009 Plan

Well, I’m not exactly back on the straight-and-narrow, but I think I’m getting back on the path. Last week’s written food diary served me well for the days I was traveling, although I forgot all about it when I got home. And for once I was home for more than 2 days, 6 actually, and […]

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A little better

February 12, 2009 Plan

I am doing a little better this week. My husband gave me an unexpected little gift last week of 3 pretty, thin, colorful notebooks and some nice new pens (the erasable-ink Friction biz pens in copper, silver and black).  I stuck one in my bag as I flew out on Monday morning and acutally used […]

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The next few days

January 22, 2009 Plan

Thank you all so much for your comments, they are helping to encourage me to get on track again. Among the things that help the most is a little forward planning. I havent done it for a while, but doing it now should help. Today I fly home and will be there until Monday morning. […]

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January 19, 2009 Plan

Okay, the traveling sucks and is really, really hard. I am getting up super-early on Monday to catch a flight and getting home late on Thursday nights.  IN between there is all the usual – delayed flights, having to eat at airports, business lunches, coffee breaks galore with tons of junk, business dinners, desserts and […]

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All this traveling will suck

January 11, 2009 Plan

It looks like my new job will be much more travel than I am comfortable with, at the very least for the next few months, and that it will be VERY hard to stick to healthy eating and to lose weight.  Not only are there many days when I have no opportunity to exercise from […]

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