Back on the road

January 8, 2009 Plan

Well, I’m back on the road, and I expect to see a lot of airports, hotels & conference rooms this year. Eating healthily while traveling will require rules and vigilance and also a good deal of flexibility. Exercise will probably be even tougher. I’m taking off today from exercise, not that I really had the […]

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Too many objectives

January 6, 2009 Plan

I’m realizing I’m focusing on too many objectives right now, so I’m temporarily cutting out one that I think is really important, “Leave Something Left Over at Each Meal”. It will be important for me to continue to work on this, and it was really helpful to have it front-and-center over the holidays, but with […]

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Weekly wrap up and plan for the week :

December 15, 2008 Plan

My daily weighing in has been helping to keep me on track, and I’m posting a 2 pound loss for this week, which brings me to a big whopping 6 pound loss over the past few weeks back – which on one side seems like nothing at all (don’t people drop like 15 pounds in […]

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Food journal for Monday, December 8th

December 8, 2008 Plan

Although I don’t usually do this, I’m going to try to post to the blog my food journal for a few days. Goals for each day this week: Leave something leftover at each meal Eat at least 7 servings fruit & veg Consistently log my food (either online or on paper) Cook! Breakfast/lunch : Cocoa […]

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almost a rhythym now

November 26, 2008 Plan

Eating well is almost a natural rhythym now.  It’s not been quite two weeks, so I’m pretty happy with that. Breakfasts are healthy – usually oatmeal these days, sometimes fruit.  Tons of water and herbal tea during the day. Not much caffeine apart from a big pot of tea w milk in the morning Lots […]

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So far, so good

November 24, 2008 Plan

I am very VERY happy to be back on track. I have found the shift back to healthy eating relatively easy.  I think the first days were the worst, but the fact that I kept some of my healthy habits even when “gone” has made getting back on track reasonable. I’ve been tracking my weight […]

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3 good choices

October 13, 2008 Plan

Today I made 3 good choices, each one helping nudge me gently on the right track. First off, I weighed myself.  Self denial can only go so far, and the scale showed me pretty much what I expected (horrors). Then, for breakfast, instead of leftover bread w butter and jam (last few weeks) I gave […]

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September 8, 2008 Plan

I am back to work today and heading to Oslo for a meeting that lasts until Thursday. I think the trip is a good thing – mentally to be engaged again, and I’ve always enjoyed spending time in Scandinavia.  In addition, I like the project & the people from work who are involved in this […]

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Off to a good start

August 20, 2008 Plan

I headed back to work and back to tracking my diet at the same time.  I’m not really starting over – I was eating pretty well on vacation and exercising pretty regularly, it’s just been the few days away when my eating was a bit out of whack – normal for both an end-of-vacation setting […]

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Plan for the week

July 7, 2008 Plan

Planning, planning, planning. There is nothing that can take it’s place, is there? Without a plan things rarely take the form we’d like – even with a plan it can be hard. There is no way I’m going to be able to get in exercise if I don’t plan it. So here’s the plan for […]

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Weekly check-in and plan June 9th

June 10, 2008 Plan

Well, I did my weekly wrap-up assessment that usually precedes a weigh-in, and all I can say is YIKES! Last week was hard, and not only did I miss a lot of my goals, most of the solid forward steps I’ve made in recent weeks went AWOL on me. On the goals check in : […]

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Weekly check-in and plan June 2nd

June 2, 2008 Plan

I had a good and focused week, really profiting from a heavy workload and traveling husband. Here’s how I did with my goals for the week : Create daily intentions and keep it in mind all day – progress! I finally wrote a good intention statement and have been writing it out daily “My life […]

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Why a weekly review and not just a weigh in?

May 29, 2008 Plan

I try to think of my weight loss efforts a week at a time. And I try to focus on changing my behavior in ways that will make me healthier and ways that should eventually pay off at the scale. Unfortunately, our bodies don’t always cooperate by losing in a straight line, and sometimes a […]

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Weekly check in, weekly goals

May 27, 2008 Plan

I reviewed last week and it was really good. I did great at my 2 day meeting, which was NOT an easy task. I went on to have a good week, preparing lots of healthy stuff, and not letting a stomach bug be an excuse to overeat when I felt better. I managed to stay […]

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Plan for the week of May 19th

May 19, 2008 Plan

I am going back to using a formula that worked for me for a long time several years ago : writing up a plan for the week with a limited number of goals for the week.  Next week I’ll check in on how I did on these and setting new goals.  The idea is that […]

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