Up and down

May 30, 2010

I’ve been emotionally a bit rocky this week, which of course I expected due to the heartbreak of the miscarriage.

Thank you all for the outpouring of support.  It helps.

For the most part I’ve been doing well on diet & exercise – as some of you have seen, over the years I have learned to react to great stress in life by showing I can control something – my weight loss behaviors.   It’s also what leads me to “low stress weight loss” by the way – there is so much in life that stresses us out, some of it we choose, a lot of it we don’t.  Making choices while losing weight that ADD to those life stresses is just not part of what I consider possible these days.

Of course, I’m still pretty fragile (as is my husband) so last night when he ordered dessert – but not the one I would have picked – he ordered the one I had suggested for me to have (I ate 2/3).

Frankly, that’s almost the worst I can report for the past few days in terms of bad weight-loss behavior.  There have been other instances like that, but nothing like throwing myself into a vat of wine or a pile of cookies, so I’m putting myself firmly in the ‘handling this well’ category.

Work & travel have been very busy (which will continue for the next month) which at times like this can be a blessing because it keeps me occupied and keeps me distracted from some of the “poor me” thoughts.  Still, I have my moments and yesterday afternoon was particularly hard because both my husband & I hit “down” feelings at the same time.

I will report in tomorrow on my week, and will close the Spring Focus reporting-in at midnight on Tuesday (to allow you Memorial Day celebrators to participate). Spring Focus results are planned for posting on Wednesday.

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