Up One…

May 5, 2008

Well, the trip to London was not without its price – I’m up one pound this morning.

I’m not too surprised – walking all over the place can only partially offset 2 servings of gelato, toffee pudding, smoothies and all the other yummy but caloric fare we took in over the past few days. But the walking was good for my heart, my legs, and my spirit.

In general our meals were reasonable but certainly not dieting, but most of the the breakfast choices were reasonable. It’s probably the number of “square” meals and all the snacks did me in

Although I had hoped to maintain this week (knowing losing was asking too much) I actually consider the week a success, because I was doing well before heading to London, and in London I did make several good choices (even if I made several bad ones too). But mostly because I started on this weight-loss path again even though I knew I had this weekend coming up. And since I had really toyed with the idea of “starting” after the trip, I am so glad that I started beforehand, so the one pound gain is actually a non-event. Had I chosen to keep putting off getting serious again, I probably would have gained at least another 5 pounds in the past few weeks, having my “last” of many many treats…

As for the pound, I’m not too worried about it – I have 3 normal days before we’re off for another long weekend, but the coming weekend should be more reasonable (staying in France but going away w friends).

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