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December 10, 2007

One of the things that’s always been helpful to me while dieting is PLANNING AHEAD. Thinking about the week to come, and thinking through how I’ll deal with the challenges I can identify.

I don’t think this approach is at all opposed to the Low Stress Weight Loss I’m trying to do, so here’s what’s up for the week :

I have a number of local meetings, and will have lunch out 3 or maybe 4 days this week. I also have the Pizza Test to do. Normally pizza test is lunchtime, according to Dr Hope, but we agreed in my case doing it at dinner this week makes more sense. I have 4 nights of pizza ahead of me : Monday – Thursday at least. I might have a dinner meeting on Thursday in which case I’ll have to add a pizza night on Friday. I’m guessing I’ll be pretty sick of pizza by then. Although I’ve often thought that pizza is a great food : mixing carb, veggie and protein…

Other than the pizza test, food goals are to plan healthy snacks I can take with me, as I probably won’t end my days until late.

Exercise will be more challenging – although Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning should be do-able, and then maybe over the weekend. If I’m lucky maybe Monday night – but maybe not…it’s dark so early and so cold and rainy (ah, there are so many good excuses!).

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