Wahls Paleo Plus

April 8, 2014

I decided to transition to Wahls Paleo Plus because I was doing an autoimmune paleo diet (AIP, following Sarah Ballantyne’s book The Paleo Approach) in March.  I loved the healthy feeling I had from so many vegetables (and a few berries) but I didn’t like that I wasn’t losing much weight, given that I still have a lot to lose.

Wahls is pretty close, the restrictions on both diets are similar, but Wahls has three levels, one of which is ketogenic PLUS keeps high levels of vegetables (and a daily serving of berries).

So April 1st I started to transition to Wahls Paleo Plus.

Here was my analysis of what Wahls Paleo Plus requires and how I thought it would go for me

I’ve been doing about 6 months of whole-foods low carb (you could call it “primal” I guess) and one month of fully-compliant AIP, so that made the transition somewhat easier

Very Hard :
– organ meats (not planning this for April)
– no snacking (planning on easing into this in April, 2 days a week to start)
– seaweed (I’ve been gagging while eating it, this is going to be more difficult than I first thought…)

Hard :
– reduce calories 10% (I’m afraid I’ll be too hungry)
– reduce protein slightly (ditto)
– 12 hour intermittent fasting (easing into this one too)
– fermented foods (not a problem to eat them, as much as a problem to source them or make them all the time)

Moderate :
– specific vegetable recommendations – I love vegetables, it’s not a problem to eat them, as much as it’s a challenge to have them around, prepped, cooked and ready to be eaten all the time. And Wahls has specific requirements for green, colored & sulfur vegetable categories, that will require some practice to get right.
– bone broth (just requires advance planning and organization to regularly make broth, and make it into soup that I can eat daily. Totally do-able, just needs some organizing and kitchen time)

Easy :
– no new restrictions!
– daily berry requirement
– 5T coconut oil (need to work out coconut equivalents in coconut milk, coconut butter & coconut chips)
– adjust supplements (just requires buying the right ones, haven’t read that chapter yet)

Already removed : all grains, all legumes, processed foods, eggs & all dairy

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