Waiting for inspiration… maybe I found it in “Enjoyment”

September 21, 2008

I have been a bad blogger and a bad dieter. I haven’t gone crazy, I just have been on “regular” mode for a while now. My weight is undoubtably stable. Even better news is that most of the time my emotional state is stable too.

I’ve been waiting for dieting inspiration to find me again. Toying with the idea of forcing myself to diet without the inspiration, but that seems just too miserable.

I am starting to think that just maybe the waiting is going to work. My inquiry into the new gym found a small and high-class joint only 5 min from home, and open very good hours. Mixed with the occasional trip to the pool it could be a very good choice. It’s expensive, but that’s not my biggest deterrent — I’m much more worried about making the decision to get back into losing weight, knowing that will be a schedule challenge (not an excuse, just reality).

I’ve also been enjoying the fruits and veggies a lot, cooking some with my stepson (who is easily tricked into thinking a few spoonfuls of sugar are a huge indulgence).

Maybe the biggest “CLICK” came this week when I read this article in the New York Times. ┬áLast year my work with Dr Hope was exactly in this direction, and it was incredibly interesting. I have done a lot more cooking this test than in the past, and I do think in general it’s helped me have a better appreciation of food.

No decisions yet, but I’m hoping the general reasonableness of the past few weeks eating can morph into a real weight loss program focused on ENJOYING food, adding good foods in, and, yes, regular exercise.

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